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Ho Ho Ho ...

So now the TISS 09 exam is history eh ... Brings back scary memories of about a year ago when we were trying to find solace in every reason of us having missed out on scoring more... But then Heres what i gathered from the feed back:

1. The cutoff should be b/w 60-70 .. Section 2 will decide the upper limit.
2. The prob sec was tough for most o em .. that damage can be covered up in other sections
3. The GK questions were kinda tricky ... people who have generally read some MBA magazines have done better (Puys plz go thru the gk section of the MBA mags .. wil be useful for snap)
4. There have been mixed responses about management and mismanagement and all these responses have come from the same centers or even same rooms!
5. The exam scores are only one part ... though significant .. other factors were also considered for the final call .. so keep ur fingers crossed
6. Let the questions flow ... we can get some consenses on the answers to the paper if every one contributes
7. Let bygones be bygones ... We have a string of papers to come in the coming sundays .. lets concentrate on that and maximize on 'em ... bestaluk! :rockedov:

Diverting from the tension of the exams a bit ... we had a bash last night where in the juniors hosted a fab party for the seniors celebrating their summers success and thanking the seniors for their support ... Photoos up shortly ... signing off til the next post ... ovr and out!



We trying to get groups of us on the examination centers in mumbai :oha:.... so look around for TISSians for some last minute advice, strategies, punching bags or free jokes !!!! 5 days to d exam .. the countdowns begun puys .... :gunsmilie: Bestaluk!!!!!!!!


Yo Varun,

Hope that doc is compiled data and not tiss compiled notes ... u know how much beep that can get into ... and secondly upload it on some file sharing link so its accessible to all :)! Btw burrrpday bumps pending .. we gonna whoop ur *** buddy ... muahahahaha!

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A quick replies to some of the queries been posted here again:

Regarding incorrect questions .. If any questions found so they shall be scrapped and marks shall be out of the remaining .. the cutoffs should also be affected accordingly!

The question paper would have already been prepared.. so i guess we have nothing to worry about. The paper would be different from the last time. We can exoect some surprises :-S however i dont think the difficulty levelwould be increased a lot.

U would need to clear the the cutoff (as decided by TISS) to get a GD/PI call... It wouldnt be a pre-decided percentage or score.

People who have applied for multiple courses neednt worry. Have your answers for "Why HR/DS/yada yada" prepared properly ... As I said previously, U can get into multiple courses... thats not an issue.

We are planning on hitting various cities... may not happen very soon... but surely well in time b4 the 2010-2012 batch starts preparing it'll be mid next year... We are also planning more posts on cracking the GD/PI's and On-Boarding thereafter ..for now lets tackle the first step ..the written!!

Bestaluk for that puys.. may the force be with all of ya


No nitin ... you would be called for the interviews depending on if you've cleared the cutoffs for the courses applied (by cutoffs i mean the combined score till the interview) .. after that the ball is in your court as to how you are able to convince them that this is the course for u and thatu arethe ideal fit I tnow many people who have made it thru mulitple courses.


TISS is on the other part o town so we were fairly shielded and being a week day none o us were around that area .. but yea .. all of us have become hardcore mumbaikars and have grown to love the city. Even above that it pains when such things happen in our country. Hats off to the Jawans .. civilians who helped, the mumbaikars who supported and to the country which prayed!! We wont let these things chain us down ... we will rise .. and now these people who designed all of this would have to face the music. Enough is enough ... this time they have gone too far!!! :snipersm:


The Control Room urrf concentration camp !!!!!

Ahh .. thats modesty for u fellas :angel:... AJs pocketed a neat 50grand himself ... Hes gonna be doing his summers with the wipro group said to have THE best HR projects around .. seems there are about 300 six sigma projects going on at any time over there ... Anyhoo ... you guys saw the exteriors .. check out the 'control room' .. where we camped for 3 days braving short lists .. GD calls .. PI calls and where we had the celebrations of our classmates getting placed ... We mockingly named it The concentration camp!!


What Varun meant was check out the posts from the beginning (we on page 62 now) A lot of queries have been covered .. some of em wouldn't have even popped up to you. Bestaluk!!

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