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Big congratulations to all the short listed fellas...even I got thru but i'm dropping out..coz jus converted IFMR and joining...WE jus came in too late !!....neways you all have a gud GD& PI


Yesssssssssssss !!!! I am in..... Chennnai am cominnn....finally my parents are off my back ;-P...CONGRATS to all who have made it !!!

P.S - hey deephika congrats...nw u get to stay at home... pm me ur facebook..if u remember me from IFMR GD/PI, its spikey haired sid :-)

shrutzvilla Says
please reply ...!!

well no...i take all subjects and then calculate the percentage...both for xth n xiith marks...but even if u taking an shud b fyn...i have done that before n got i dunn think its a big long as ur overall acads are gud :-)

P.S - sorry for a late reply...been busy :drinking:!!
M not a senior but im sure ull get a call...start preparing for the gd/pi round


thnx mate....and i have one more query...i would like to join the bangalore campus...coz i hate livin in u got any news..hows b'lore campus and its placements n all ??

My XAT scores are:

VA- 80.49
QA- 21.48

Overall xat %-92.68
And past acads are
*10th (ICSE)-75%
*12th (ISC)-70%
*BBA (Oil&Gas;)- 94% - class topper & university silver medalist

*Diploma I.T (Systems Administration) - North Sydney Institute of TAFE - 80%
*Internship @ IOCL delhi (8weeks) with appreciation letter for outstanding performance
*Retail Training @ IOCL mumbai (8weeks)

WORK EX - 6 months (Royal Dutch Shell

wat are my chances for call...just need an idea..

HD11079 Says
bro !!! dont use such fonts plz

and you are ????????

Hey Puys,

Jus got done with my GD&PI....had; a good one...will post the details day after tommorow...coz ryt now am on my way to delhi...till den b cool n good luck to all

No mail received as yet...dunnu wats goin on...hope its not the hotmail thing like during GD-PI when many hotmail users did not get call letters and then were asked to submit alternate email ids.....neways guess now wud have to wait till monday.......goinn to IFMRRRRRRRRR at the moment....hope its an easy GD-PI :-)
Buddy, you need not go to T Nagar. You need to get down at Nungambakkam station. Check this.

Anyway who all are planning to go to T Nagar (You can go for shopping. One of the biggest market for Clothes and jewellery ) can reach there by local train from Chennai Central. Get down at MAMBALAM station. T Nagar market is just outside the station.

Thanx bro...but i asked for T Nagar, coz my hotel is booked there and i am reaching chennai central at sunday would need to know how to get there and from there to IFMR campus in da morning

Hey Puys,

Can anyone from Chennai kindly tell me how to get from CHENNAI CENTRAL Rly Staion to T Nagar & from T Nagar to IFMR campus....i have my GD& PI on 4th April (Monday).