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Gitanjali More Says
i am! and ive no clue what to write in answer to the question !!!!!!!!

if ur ref to hr...then we got2 find a convincin ans....n diff ones......
n if its gl then also lets discuss

Hey evrybody, lots of good topics covered, but there seems to b lack of coherence. lets move beyond suggesting topics. lets set the ball rolling..................
one imp ques is...why HR???

any one for glob n labour prog??

seekers n doers Says
i wuld like to add a point to the discussion on mob violenceits definitely done coz of lack of trust on the judicial system of the country..and inefficeint police..but its also wrong on the part of citizens...who resort to suchc actions.bcuz if we ourselves are not respecting the democratic governance..we have no right to blame th police and the judiciary. Its the cictizenc only who can go into the police force..but we r reluctant to do so.Police hasnt been made out of nowhere, but frm among the countrymen, andwe have to come forward and be vocal if we feel ther is something wrong going out in d society. But beating ppl to death is definitely not the solution.So many times it is reported that innocent ppl have been accused or beaten to near death or abused in public badly. Is this right?? Its as if the society has gone insane and no rational approach is applied in maters like this.So, the essence is that the society as a whole neeeds to change the mindsets...and mentality..and be rational..not jus the police and reform committees..!!!

1. With ref to police, that ofcourse was more of a gneralisation. Ofcourse, not all policemen are BAD. And it's also true that we as citizens have voluntarily/involuntarilyare perpetrating corruption n nepotism. Corruption has truly come a full ciecle in India. By the same token, the general scenario does hold true.
Another thing is look at the places and people whr such incidents hv sprung up. They do seem not 'empowered' enough. We have to understand that given the level of illetracy in our country, and due to sevral othr reasons, our sensibilities as a people havent matured enough....(else enginerred slogans vis a via mr. Thackeray wouldnt have worked)....Th eresponsibiliy has to be shared by ALL of us from the citizens to the police.

Gitanjali had mentioned mob voilence, so here's my 2 cents on that.tually colllaps
And yea, HR outsourcing a good topic, which we must discuss.

Vigilantism is a broader and a more generic term than mob-voilence. But for convinience I'll be using it interchangeably.
Last yr, our country witnessed a spate of voilent incidents , which involved the common man taking the law in his hands. It is reflective of the common man's loss of faith in the criminal justice system. Broadly speaking, factors that have lead to such mob- voilence are:
-inefficient police
-shoddy prosecution
-lethargic judiciary
-prisons which allow criminals to carry on their activities and hence perpetrate crime.

The Malimath Committee on judicial reforms in 2004 said that the criminal justice :system of the counrty is "virtually collapsing, ineffective , inefficient ans prohibitingly slow. As a result of which people have been driven to use such desperate and horrible measures. The Committe did suggest some reforms, which were (expectedly) stalled. While the politicians and the beaurocracy want the status quo to continue due to their alleged symbiotic relations, human rights activists dont seem to look beyond the rights of criminals and prisoners.

No wonder in a country where antideluvian laws framed in colonial era exist and reforms nevr seem to take off , do such incidents occur.

This by no means is to jsutify such acts. They are nothing but a wild, brutish sort of justice bereft of any structure and where the opponent has no chance of defence.

In any civilised society such acts are totally unacceptable, much less in a functional democracy and an emerging super- power like India. What we need is immediate reform of the criminal justicde system where justice kis swift, inexpensive and fair.

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lets talk about globalization and its impact .... i found two topics asked in last year's gd ....Globalisation has eroded the nation state and Globalisation boon or curse for Indian youth. keeping both in mind lets give our views.....

Liberalization refers to a relaxation of previous government restrictions, usually in areas of social or economic policy.
Privatization is the incidence or process of transferring ownership of business from the public sector (government) to the private sector (business).

Globalization in a literal sense is international integration. It can be described as a process by which the people of the world are unified into a single society and functioning together. This process is a combination of economic, technological, sociocultural and political forces.
Since World War II, barriers to international trade have been considerably lowered through international agreements - General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). Particular initiatives carried out as a result of GATT and the World Trade Organisation (WTO)

  1. Brought in competition in Indian market
  2. Better services now for customers
  3. Technological advancements
  4. Infrastructural developments due to forieg investments in less developed countries or areas
  1. Disadvantage to poorer countries as they are basically agriculture products exporters and the farmers of these countries cannot compete on the international mkts and are forced to sell their products at a lower price.
  2. In context of Indian youth- mall culture has come up and it is more of a dating place rather than for buying thingsthus kind of changing Indian culture
  3. Many factories are being built as a result pollution is increasing

Hey Gunjan
You seem to be doing some good work buddy.
I have an issue though with the mall and dating thing that you've written as a disadvantage of globalisation. Dont you think its outright parochialiastic to do so. I mean nowdayz one does see couples making out et al in autorickshaws (bbay) do we thrash them out??? I think lets look at larger issues rather than haggling over such inconsequential ones.
Good Job.

hey everybody
id called TISS
for mumbai candidates gd/pi for hrm is between 9th n 13th
call letters havent been officially idspatched yet.

Hey puys, goin through this thread, seems lots been happening over the weekend. But Id like to bring to light the fact that , there was not any regionalism at play here a la Mr. Thakeray. It was just that GD encompasses a whole of things like body language , eye contact etc n it most definitely is a Ppeople - people process..Since, people from all over India cant come together cities came to play and one le to another. That is it. Lets not read too much in between the lines.
Any wich ways, lets not trivialise this like our politicians do n go ahead with our preparations.

Lots of material n GD topics here.
So lets throw the floor open to a topic now.

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Hey 4m mumbai..cant make it tomm due to a family function wich i can NOT bunk..hope 2 join ull next time around..but lets keep the online forum alive 2..

is gd an elimination round.. or its gd pi both...

ID called TISS up. They said GD in itself is NOT an elimination round. ( irrespective of the no. of calls given out). The procedure is as stated in the brochure..with mks alloted to GD n PI. So itll be a cumulative score.

Congrats to evryone who has got through. Moi got thru 2 for HRM&LR; , GL. But havent too many calls been given out??? Id called TISS sumtime back to ask how many people have calls been given too, they dint give it out. But they did tell me that GD in itself isnt an elimination process.

Anyway, i think we shouldnt we wastin time thinkin about all that..lets have some kick-ass prep now.

Anyone who has got thru GL??