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Hi Friends.

I finally rejected my NUS offer today after much delay, doubts and with a lot of pain. Its a great school that I am have to leave .

Hopefully god has better things in store for me.


Hi All.

I know PG isnt to be used for college comparisons but I need a perspective to a consfusion.
I have an admit to NUS and GMBA-SPJAIN (with 50% schol)

What I wanted to knw is
1. What is the total expenditure involved for the 17month course at NUS (current ex rates)
2. What is the placement rate for NUS esp for Indian students who might nt have too much of a network in S'Pore.

Hi Payal ...
thanks for ur philanthropic initiative
i m a bit confused here ----- if u r payal keswani, y r u posting under the name of prashant kukreja? ehh?


I would like the current students and others regarding the Strategy & Organisation spec of NUS . What I would like to know
1. Is it that students with prev work ex only get to study these spec.? or broadly what is the criteria for selecting a spec.
2. Placement assistance provided
3. what would be the total living cost for the 17 month prog 9current ex rate)

hi kitty,
even i am from mumbai...i have my GL gdpi on 22nd...lets make a group of mumbaiites so that we can prepare together for the gdpi..what say?

I have a call too , but amnt coming. :eyepop:
interesting..spjcm is advising students (with fitting profile acc to adcom) to think abt IMM...i knw a couple of frnds..may be same wit ur case..
do u mind sharing ur profile? sorry if i had missed out earlier..
dnt worry abt the student pool coming in..i hv met quite a lot of them and i am impressed and yeah met few isb r2 applicants in my eval (urs truly is a ding from isb)..hv frnds wit call from nanyang/nus and be rest assured abt ur competitive pool and the folks coming in
ATB for ur results...


it seems IMM isnt getting many admits and they need to complete the batch.
BTW admitted folks , it seems last date for fee submission has been extended . My study loan is approved and is waiting disbursement but it seems I might miss the feb 15th deadline. Are Adcom ppl co-operative and take the delay into consideration?
Thanks shuklakn, please keep us updated on what you find...

My comparison would fall apart if INSEAD grads are receiving a completely different set of positions than what NUS grads receive... but it is something good to know...


@Skuklan, hAve U heard anything on scholarship yet?

Has any of the admits offered any scholarship as yet.
I got an email saying that my application for college scholarship has been rejected and that I can apply for other third party scholarships given to NUS admits . Also if anyone has started processing loans do let me know.
Usually one should wait for 2-3 weeks time to get the result. However, the time period might get extended because of holidays, World tour/interview etc. I was interviewed on Dec 10th and was expecting the result before Dec 31st. However, i got to know about the result on Jan 5th primarily because of a long holiday season (Christmas + New Year).

If you are offered an admission, then they would send out an email. No phone calls. The status would change to "Offer Made".

Cannot comment on waitlist/Deny.

I know of cases where they did send an offer within a week,

Hopefully by now you know your evaluation status.


Hi Ma'm.

I would like to inquire about scholarships being offered. I know they are offered on a case to case basis but I would like to know the maximum amount that will be offered this intake to a Indian student.


I know its an old thread . But here is a serious question nd i need real assistance esp from SPJCM old timers . i got a GMAT score of 750 but dnt have the money reqd to study in US/EU. I have an admit in IBWM in Spjain and in NUS and am seriously nt able to take a decision.
My questions are
1. How much will i loose in terms of oppurtunities if I join SPJCM vis-a-vis waiting another year and then applyin to other colleges
2. Like everyone else on this planet i too want to work for MCK,BCG and the like but guess that wont be possible. However will SPJain box me in a run-of-the mill finance company job?

General suggestions and pointers will be very helpful

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