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Regarding Fake certificates

Guys i really donno wot discussion u had regarding caste certificates... but from past 2 years the university has become very strict on dis issue... and their have been several instances where the student has been removed from d college even after completing d 1st sem. So if anyone trying 2 get admission using fake certificates b carefull bcoz it may cost u a year.
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pankpant Says
hello!! i am thinking of to get in MET PGDM e-biz ..wanted to know if is it worth doing it. cuz i ll be trying to get in thru mngmnt. .is the placement (like many other institutes) for both mms and pgdm same? and how is the faculty out there? i am also trying my luck in pls somebody help me decide which one would be better.

i wud rate IES PG higher than Chetanas.Out of the 3 colleges MET is better in all departments.Go 4 MET.
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r the management quota forms out yet
if not then when can we expect them

dont worry abt d mgmt forms.If u hv money u'll get admission netime.last time most of d mgmt students joined d college 1-1/2 month after d college started.
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i hv a frnd who belongs 2 NT3.she has got 97/200,Mumbai university.her name is pranjali.

@ Pfff.....t
i donno how much reservation is ther 4 any of these seats.but if u hv prob with these quota then u shud also talk abt d mgmt seats which r reserved 4 rich people.Just like nature tries 2 balance everything our education system has also tried to balance out d quota thing by providing Mgmt seats.

I'm sure U will hv some self respect n deny the benefits of these Mgmt seats. :P

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vincyy Says
Kaun bola chetna is higher?


donno whr she got dis info. 4rm.
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MET is ranked higher than Chetana.I donno where u heard tat Chetana is ranked higher.Going thru d cutoff list of previous year is a good way of checking d rankings of any college.MET's cutoff were higher than Chetana so MET is obviously rated higher by d University.

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I've got 116/200 in MH CET 2009 i.e. 96.69 %le. PAR & WE is 3/6. Expecting at least 27/32 in GDPI even if i'll give a moderate performance.

So, expecting minimum score of 146/240.

I am from HU (mumbai) and OBC category.

R there any chances of me getting through MET for MMS course?

What is the fees structure for MMS course? Is the 50% weiver is available in fees for OBC students, as it is given in other institutes?

What will be my total expences for a year for MMS course?
(e.g. tution fees, laptop if necessary, formal wear, etc.)

Wht abt the placements?

Pls reply.

I guess u shud get MET in d 1st round itself.and yess OBC candidates get 50% expenses for OBC candidate for current year= 88k+40k(lappy)+expenses on formal wear.

i'm not sure but u mite hv a chance 4 welingkars.Hope 4 d best.
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me too getin jst 77 percentile in CET
WHICH all colleges are u targeting for PG

guys last year in Chetana's most of d pg seats were filled thru management u can get admission ther easily if u r ready 2 pay.In MET i donno d scene abt PG but i will surely find it out n let u guys know.U guys can even try IES PG which is also quite decent.
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somyauberoi Says
hey can u p;lz help me with the expected cut off this yr for mms

expected cutoff will b around 154-156
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Hey R there any management quota seats in MET for MMS or PG.....:sad::tellme::sad:

If yes den seniors plzzz help me n tell whts d procedure for applyin to Management quota seats in ur clg...:sad::tellme::sad:
n also wht is the feeS chrged for management quota seat in MMS n PG respectively.....:crazyeye::tellme::crazyeye:

plzzzz help all seniors....:bigear: :bigear: :bigear:


last year d max fees for MMS thru mgmt quota was around 15 lakhs.If u hv very good contacts wid d coll mgmt then d fees may come down to d extent of 7-8 lakhs also.I dont think ther mite b any changes in d fees this year.For forms u just hv 2 go to d office and ask for d mgmt quota forms.they will give u complete info abt d procedure.if u need any other info regarding MET MMS then feel free 2 ask.
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