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GMAT     Tas 2010

I agree that it is now time to close this thread. The game's over for this year with many hopes and dreams going to pieces. One thing I must say is that we should stop speculating about the system. It is what it is and has served them well in all these years. While I don't care to think about biases or anything like that, I shall use the age old cliche that whatever happens is for our own good. I got rejected in the Director's Round after a full day wait and an interview that began at 8 in the evening for me when I was almost half dead from fatigue. However, I choose to refrain from any speculation as the system is not in my control and I have taken away much more from this process as a failure that I might have as a winner. For starters, I have become much more mature in my outlook towards life in these 3 grilling months. I believe that is the stepping stone to being a great manager and an inspiring leader.

When I went to Bombay House, I made sure that I took a personal tour of the place and I was dumbstruck simply reading the nameplates in that building. If you need inspiration to succeed in life, just go to Bombay House once and you will find yourself in a place where the titans of Indian industry work and blaze the trails that many of us would follow. The most important lessons those century old walls teach you is that of hard work and humility. You will realize that it takes an entire lifetime to achieve something significant, that it takes unusual amount of perseverance to build something of value like an institution. That is the place where you will forget all your petty troubles in life, your annoying boss, your harassing client, a sucky CAT %ile, a career going nowhere and realize that life is about seeing the big picture long before someone else sees it and then surrendering yourself to that vision and living, breathing, working every minute to turn that vision into reality.

Personally I had a bad interview, though the HR called me after the results were announced and told me that I was high on the preference list or something like that. I had a debate on geopolitics with the panel and I came out with a bad feeling that I am not gonna make it, but I am happy that despite months of preparation for questions in the Director's round, I just did what I do best for the most important 20 minutes of my life.

I lost eventually, but I am on my way to turn this loss into a launchpad for greater success. I have lost the fear of failure and now I am ready to try again, more importantly, I am ready to fail again and again till I eventually succeed.

I hope that all of you learn from your failures to turn into wiser men who will take on any challenge thrown in their way to glory.

Best of Luck and God Bless to all!!!


GMAT     Tas 2010

Probably my last msg on this thread...
it's end of the road for me... may be I am not good enough for TAS...
ATB to all the guys who made it to the final round...

Hi Ashu,

I am sorry to hear that but I don think you should say that you are not good enough for TAS. It's just that there is a better opportunity that awaits you somewhere else. I know you are disappointed right now, but this is temporary, it will pass. If you take my advice: revel in this pain. Let your disappointment be the fuel in the fire in you that will push you to excel even more in life. I know that it's easy to say such things when I haven't faced that disappointment yet, but maybe despite my best efforts the road to TAS might end for me too.

Though we have never met, I have enjoyed my interaction with you on this forum and I wish you the very best in whatever you seek to achieve in life.

GMAT     Tas 2010
::: TAS In-House ::: ----------> U'll get all the answers you are looking for
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GMAT     Tas 2010

@Xrometh: Thanks so much for your post!!! Hope to see you in Mumbai!

GMAT     Tas 2010

Guys, if all this is true, then I am really really scared!!!! I dunno what will happen in the final round! :-(

Surprisingly, our panel was mostly from Mumbai and they were very fair and composed in their judging.

Did Mumbai TAS-aspirants get a hard deal?

I fear yes they did.
We thought the GD elimination was too high and looked like
an effort to limit people for the time consuming case
round (and thereby wrap up by 6 pm sharp!)

Why do I think so??

For other locations, GD selections were 9/27, 6/16, 8/30...
There is no plausible reason really for Mumbai to fall short
on this count...WIth more time and co-ordination for practice,
I think Mumbai should have been better off than 14/75...
unless some additional filters were put in place...

Mumbai should better be a two day event if time is an issue!

And some funny things happening the GD itself:

The panel resorting to 'pep-talk' while the 'chairman' was
witnessing the most important 1 minute of his/ her life! That was
utterly distracting to say the least...
And the pep-talk included:

a) who is from where
b) some gyan about how the largest contributor to the applicant pool
doesnt bother to hire a single TAS Manager...when 8/10 GD participants
are from the concerned company
c) some tidbits of information sharing with the remaining 2 participants
who happen to be from the panel's company. (Not in any way pointing
to anything sinister here!)
d) With (c) happening, some participants started frantically talking about
anything and everything related to their parent company...this when 'their'
chairman was grasping the GD caselet...

These are mere observations..In any case, I will be going for it again next year..will possibly go for a location with lesser numbers! :)
GMAT     Tas 2010

Yaar udti hui khabar hai ki TAS officers are concerned about the quality of candidates from in house going down and hence they seem to have taken a very selective stance now. I don know how far this is true but as far as i can remember last year also Bombay had 70 odd participants and some 8 got through.

My suggestion: Bakwaas ko maaro goli aur stick to ur prep and have confidence in your abilities. Those who got selected are humans and those who selected them are humans too, so in cricketing terms, just play ur natural game and u will win. Baaki sab Bhagwaan dekh raha hai.

GMAT     Tas 2010

that takes the total to 20!!!

GMAT     Tas 2010

69 my dear Watson, 69 is the number!

GMAT     Tas 2010

Bhai log, Mumbhai main gadar mach gaya, 7 ppl selected!!!

GMAT     Tas 2010

Itna sannata kyon hai bhai????? :sneaky: