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People I have a doubt:

I was supposed to pass my B.Tech in april 2011,but due to a backlog I cud not clear it on time and my certificate will now say November 2011.So my question is whether I am eligible for the course,as it has been stated in eligibility criteria that graduation should be done in One Attempt.

I have been called for PGDM.

Any help would be appreciated.

Dude you are eligible. Start preparing for GD/PI... All the Best!!!
i want to know the fees structure of hydrabad campus for 2 year including hostel fees ...................
thanks in advance

8Lakhs is the tution fee and 2 lakhs for hostel...
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topfeet Says
This is to request NMIMS moderators/representors here to kindly consult the NMIMS authorities or atleast have a word with them so that for deserving candidates (with good NMAT scores) could be called for GDPI's even if they missed out registering (ofcourse by mistake) for NMIMS Bang/Hyd campuses.....or a mode by which they could pay for what they initially missed out...

We can't do anything from here. You need to contact to mumbai campus for that. Even i faced a similar situation last year. With a score of 245(cleared all sectionals) couldn't make to NMIMS Mumbai as i didn't apply at the time of filling the form. I called them more than 100 times for changing the preferences but they didn't do...
Well thats good,finally getting some positive vibes for hyd campus..

Can i pls ask u to share ur experience of getting selected for nmims hyd..ur gd topic,how was the enire scene like? ur PI nd all..(if u pls dont mind)

My topic for GD is " Is hire and fire policy affecting indian culture?" There are about 7 ppl in my group for GD... My PI went smoothly.
Few tips for PI...expect questions like tell me about yourself, why nmims, few questions from your SOP, if u have work ex, few questions on that as well. Favourite novel, what do u do in your free time, any extra curricular activities etc...
hmm so u r happy with the management's initiative and efforts they are taking to call companies for SIPs?
And what about the faculty?impressive?(in terms of knowledge,imparting knowledge and co-operation)

Of!course i am!!! Excellent faculty... we have faculty coming from ISB, NMIMS banglore, XIMB, IBS...
hey Pranayveer,fabulous job buddy.Your painstaking effort of solving our queries is commendable..i wont ask you to predict myt chances by stating my score,rather i would love to know more about NMIMS HYD from you..What sort of facilities,infrastructure,clasrooms and other stuffs do u have in college?..what are the college timings,how many lectures do u have each day? how do u pass ur tym when free?any hangout points outside collg u've explored? u feel satisfied with what u are getting? is colege mngmt and do you foresee gud summer placements?if yes then do comment on the management's initiatives...
looking forward to ur response buddy...

college timings are from 8:30 to 3:00 for us this trim. It may vary sometimes... There will be 3 or 4 lectures a day. Well coming to time pass, we hardly find any time to enjoy. Whenever we find free time, we usually play Table Tennis in the college. Apart from that we have few extracurricular activities like cricket, Trekking, Badminton etc... Coming to SIP's, few got selected for very good companies. Expecting the same to the whole batch...
my sectionals
may i knw d chances for hyd campus?

@preetyangel : I can tell you my opinion but no one knows the exact cutoff ... I think your score is enough to get a call from Hyderabad campus
jha varun Says

60 seats!!!
Hi Puys,

Can some1 pls throw some light on placements 2011 for nmims hyd ..


Hi NMIMS Hyderabad started its PGDM operations this year only. So we didn't come to that stage yet
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navpreet mathew Says
what are my chances at 237?

Am sure you will definitely get a call. Start preparing for GD/PI. All the best!!!
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