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Just called up the admissions office.

They have confirmed my admission . BM W/l 25. They also said that the offer letters are being dispatched today.


evergreen_cool Says
nice dood...from the past trend i guess this will see thru..:) , which will be good news for me too..:)

bhai tujhe yeh sab kyon chahiye... BLCKI convert kar naa yaar!!


Waitlisted at 25!!

And now I am praying!!

congos to everyone!

well, I had quite a contrary experience...My BM interview was on 3rd Morning in Mumbai....none of us who were interviewed for BM were asked for the file...Whereas all the PMIR guys' files were gone through meticulously...


My interview was also on 3rd morning in Mumbai... but they had asked for my file... and there were also questions based on the content of the file.
It was a BM interview.

And mine too

Both courses

That was a good interview...u have answered all the acad ques well Iguess....should happen for you.

One thing I want to ask to all interviewed so far....
How are you able to name the panel members........Do they introduce themselves ???

The brochure and the website have the names and photographs of all professors. So one can find out that way.


Had my BM interview yesterday in mumbai
I am a fresher, BTech in ICT, good percentiles, good acads, decent extracurriculars.

panel:Prof. Rajeev Sharma(L), Prof. Supriya Kumar De(C) and Prof. J.Singh(R)

R: So Siddharth, are u from Gujarat?
Me: Yes sir
R: Has Parzania released in Gujarat, did u get a chance to watch it?
Me: It has not released in Gujarat, it is being shown to the MPs here. I did not get a chance to watch it.
R: How do u rate ur performance in college.
Me: Good, Gave some statistics.
R: Whats ICT?
Me: Told
R: Why is it easy to eavesdrop in mobile phones.
Me: Gave the reason, told that CDMA has better security.
R: why is CDMA not popular then?
Me: told
R: why MBA?(in some other language and words)
Me: Told. Told abt entreprenuership and all.
R: In which area?
Me: DSP. Also told him why I wanted to be an entreprenuer.
R: Do you think govt must give tax holidays to entreprenuers
Me: Agreed and gave reasons

All this while was going thru my file.

C: You have got all A's and B's, why have you got 2 D's.
Me: Gave him the reasons for that
R: But you will have such courses in MBA too..
Me: told him that I had improved then, in fact the last two courses I had got an A. In this I mentioned that I had taken a course on Satyajit Ray
C: Compare Ray and Ritwik Ghatak
Me: Sir, I donot know any movies of Ritwik Ghatak.
C: How do u see Ray as an artist?
Me: Told
C: Which Ray movies have you seen
Me: Told
C: What do you interpret from Aparajito and Apur Sansar
Me: Told

C: tell me what is Linear Dependence and Linear Independence of signals
Me: told, mentioned abt basis vectors
C: What are basis vectors and what are its properties
Me: Told
C: Asked for an example to explain the same.
Me: Gave an example to show linear dependency.
C: Give a practical example, where it can be used.
Me: Gave another example in which I used the word variables

Another few questions on variables.

L: Question on probability
Me: Am not really sure if he was convinced with my answer.
L: Something abt entreprenuership
Me: Gave an answer
L: What is your ultimate aim, beyond all this
Me: Told.
L: You may leave now.

The interview was longer than all the interviews I have given combined.
Seniors, How do u rate this?

Please read my previous post.


If what u say is true, then how has ashishyahoo got the call (with all respect, I assume that he is not bluffing).

mine is 16th march 8 am

thanks floyd - u r doing an excellent job buddy !


Me too on 16th. Same time.

Hope to see u there.


Moi got calls for both the courses. I have some queries

1) are the PI's different for both the courses?
2) when does the GD/PI thing start?