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angrejan Says
hey guys, NM ppl hav askd a 1Lk DD for the hostel fee(gals!) & again a 10,000Rs for deposit(Refund kind!) this amount is to be included in the DD or alag se? Ne one who's ready with their DDs plz lemme knw yar!

i think id b gettin 2 separate dds for both the hostel fees and the security deposit....
r u opting for hostel ..or is it still under consideration stage :confused:
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Hey ive heard/read the girls hostel is quite good...compared to the ones for for the time being im going in for the carrying my DD along..incase i dont like think about own accomodation.....
which course have u gt thru.....ive gt thru actuarial and global......still wondering which one to opt for.......

i am in for pharma( group B) ...good vll meet up soon in NMgals hostel...:cheers:
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catchshreyas Says
i ve got my final yr exm 2moro!! n 1 mre on 9th! m in bangalore nw!! in btwn i ve 2 b prsnt at NM on 7th!! oh man, me save myself!!

hey ALL the BEST
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any girls who have got thru.....what are u opting for the hostel provided by NM, residential flats or own accomodation.............

from the posts here it seems hostels at NM arnt tht good...but still to keep an option will bring along the DD....but prefer self acommodaion near NM....nd guess Residential flats are only for guys :unhappy::eh::sarcasm:
wat r u opting...??
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catchshreyas Says
my rank down to 42 frm 36 in grp B- Pharma!!

same pinch dude..evn my slipped to 14th but still im satisfied as im in anyways
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Question for all:
Did anyone get is marks in Decimals in GDPI / PI
My marks are in decimals. And i got a mere 2.5 making my total 121.5
It is strange that anyone gives marks in decimals. I felt my PI was very good.

for the people whose ranks have changed:
Are there changes in the marks also?

yup atlst u .5 i hv .3 as decimals gosh wat was panel thinking..y didnt they make it .3456789012 :eh:
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ya..... i ve a decnt rank 0f 36!! provisional admission!!
hope aftr d new list, i don slip down!! :(
wts ur rank as of nw by d way?

mine was 12 in the last list...was so:satisfie: :satisfie:ven i saw tht...
me 2 hoping tht it doesnt slip down...:unhappy:
can only wait for new revised list
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this merit revision thing has created Hyper Anxiety :death::nervous::death:...hv chkd site zillion times...

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ok a lill late but heres my xperience
BATCH : forenoon
Date : 11th march

Reached venue before time.
Step1 : registered on the ground floor
Step2: took a lift and went to room no 902 ( meant for group A, B an C)
waited for some 15 min
was called for document verification in next room where v vere supposed to submit our SOP and xperience certi ( dont hv 1 btw:neutral:)
Step3 : went back to room no906 where vdo bout the insti was played ( rolled twice). then Mr. Kondap came nd spoke for some 5-6 min nd ask the candidates not to divulge thr scores or rank .
Step 4 : was called to room no. 803 where a panel of two gave us a topic for presentation. Mine was : "RUSH FOR MBA IS ACTUALLY RUSH FOR BIG MONEY" was given 15 min to prepare..nd then 5 min to present...presentation is verbal wid no media plain extempore...blah balhd nd then thankyou
STEP 5: was askd to wait in room no 806 called for PI after sm 20-3 min. the panel was different this time 2 ppl again.
Q:tell us about urself.
Me: blah blah
Q:about ur parents.
Q:y MBA in Pharmaceuticals
Me: told bout background nd related wid wat i hd written in SOP
P: yeah read tht in your SOP
P: wat after MBA(pharm)
Me: New product development
P: marketing or R&D;??
Me: marketing
P: tel us about Indian Pharma industry
Me: blah blah..rural potential ..blah blah
P: y rural wat about urbn markets...wud u recommend different products for urban nd rural...ven u talk of rural market potential is it in terms of profits or volume??
Me: told ...wid lotsa fundays
P1 to P2 : nething u wanto ask her
P2 TO P1: no
P: do u have ne ques?
Me: no sir
P: ok
Me: thankyou sir ..good day :)

all in all satisfying PI..:satisfie:

STEP6: went out was asked to g to room no 701 to give feed back..did tht

thts it ..
ATB to all of u who r still left

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