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just wanted to know a couple of things, hope someone has some idea about these;

1. will all the 700+ successful candidates of SBM be getting joining letters at a time or in a phased manner?
2. if during medical exam its found i have blood sugar level or blood pressure level on the higher side, then what actions they might take?

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congrats brother, for your SBM If you have your name/roll number in final list then no need to wait for sms....Now, a sms cannot stop you from becoming an officer :)

thanks for your reply, cools my nerves down.
i have 2 more queries, could anyone please try to throw some light on them:-
1. now after selection we have go through some medical tests, are these tests very intensive or they are just for formality? what if one has some high blood sugar or blood pressure?
2. about 700 candidates have been selected in SBM, would all of them get joining letter at a time, or would they get the joining letter in a phase wise manner.
waiting for the response.thanks in advance.

hi everybody, very happy that got selected in SBM. wasn't expecting it. havent recieved any sms , many have recieved though, will it be a problem?

the list which was published in sbi website for associate banks of sbi, is that the final list of selected candidates, or there may be further screening? as i have made my way into the list i am very apprehensive of any other screening which may cancel my candidature?

hello everyone, just needed some information from you. just saw my roll no in the list of successful candidates in sbi associate banks final result. just wanted to ask you that if someone who has qualified, would they receive an e-mail or letter of intimation for that. has anyone of you got any e-mail of that kind from any of the banks of yet? pls give me some replies so that my nerves are cooled down. thanks in advance.

if you are working with any organisation then 3 character certificates are needed, one from school/college, one from current employer and one from a gazetted officer. any two are must, for the third you can give an undertaking that if you are selected then at time of joining you will submit the third one. but at time of interview two of the three certificates are required. hope this clears your doubt.

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i want to share my experience about my associate banks of SBI PO interview, here it goes.

first there was document verification, which took about 10-15 minutes for each candidate. there were 15 candidates were slotted to come on that day but 12 reported.
then we went for lunch, which was quite good actually.after lunch we waited for about an hour, then our GD started, topic was regarding wildlife conservation, was so-so, did not went smoothly for me.
then after 35-40 mins in GD our interviews began, fortunately or unfortunately i was the first one to be called.there were 4 interviewers, 3 were retd GMs of SBI and one was retd prof of a college of madras. following are the questions asked to me:-
1. why you want to join baking after serving in a large scale production unit?
2. can u tell us something about banking system in India?
3. many gk related questions, which of course i don't remember.
4. also asked me some questions on production, some questions on steel and mining sector.etc etc.
i was interrogated for about 25-30 mins. was exhausted when i came out. surprisingly, they dint ask me to introduce myself. well, i wont get selected for sure. all the best to all other aspirants.

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great. best of luck to all other po aspirants.

if a character certificate of a gazatted officer is required, then should it be in a formal/official letter pad or a print out in a plain paper with officer's sign with seal is enough?

i have qualified in written exam of associate banks of sbi.i have been asked to take 3 character it compulsory to take 3 certificates or any 2 will do?i have one from my current employer and one from my last college attended.