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Buddy can you please look up my roll no from the list.... My roll no is 5200625 and name is Shriyans Saxena..... I tried it my self but i just couldnt decipher what were my marks..... Can u please check them......

Maybe I am wrong.... But I had read in this thread only that there was no waiting list..... only Delhi list and Kolkata list....... and WL 38 means 38 ppl in Kolkata list.....

Last year there was no separate list for Waiting List students. I guess there were only 2 lists- one for Kolkata and one for Delhi campus. So WL 38 means that around 236 +38 =274 ppl must have made it to Delhi campus.....

i.e. around 274-194= 67 + 13.... Therefore we can expect all kolkata campus students to make it to Delhi campus and 13 wl students to make it to delhi..... But the problem is- that this is not last year.... More is the pity....

when r the results going to come out???

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Got shortlisted for both bm and hrm programs....!!!!!!!!!!!!

overall: 97.68
qa: 92.38
va: 95.48
dm: 89.xx

Psychodelic87 Says
Start preparing for GD/PI

Thanks a lot.....
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My score details are as follows:

VA: 19.5
QA: 10.25
DM: 9/ 10.25

OA:38.75/ 40

Can I expect a xlri HRM or BM call......

Please do answer.... I have already spent many sleepless nights pondering over this.....

Thanks and regards....

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