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Here it is.
From which bank are u taking loan? What interest rate?
Give some details about the loan u are intending to take...

Hey frnds
for application of loan banks are asking for college brocheure
can anybody paste link of PGDM/PGDM (IB) brocheure.
Now its not available on SIMSR website
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Did anybody avail the loan facility yet? Can you just guide through the procedures to avail loan facility?

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Will second waitlist be out? If yes when will it be out?

Hey Puys,
What is refund of fees when you cancel your admission in KJSOM?

Hello puys,
Please connect to your GD/PI mates of your slot at PG Connect .
ForeNoon ppl select slot as 8.00am to 9.00am
AfterNoon ppl select slot as 2.00pm to 3.00pm


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Does anybody have any idea about the weightage given to CAT score, GD, PI, work-ex for the selection procedure at NITIE?

Hi Nishant,
I have uploaded my scores at the website. Should I also send the scorecard? If I don't receive scorecard till 18th Jan, should I take print of my scorecard and send?
Along with scorecard/printout what else need to be sent?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Nishant,
I commend the work done by the IMPACT team.

My scores are :
QA : 99.56
VA : 74.40
DI : 99.93
OA : 99.81

X : 83
XII : 82.4
B.E.(Prod) : 77.4
Work Ex: 18 months
Preferences in order: IM/ISEM/ITM

What are the chances of mine?

My scores are :
VA: 8(TIME/IMS) 23(PT):(
QA: 50 :)
DI: 71 :)

Total : 129

Any chances for any IIM call or NITIE , SPJAIN?

Have workex of 1.5 yrs with good acads.

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Was a nice question of visualisation. Answer is b) 5.12/3*pi.
Solution provided by Apple was quite clear. Bring more of the kind on..........

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