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  • Shrey Khandelwal
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You will get a mail if you have been shortlisted. Please check your spam just in case. Those of you who have not got any mails, are either wait-listed or not considered for PGPM this year. The status will be updated in the site by tomorrow, you can check then.


I have also got a call for Great Lakes ..
You will get a mail if you have been shortlisted. Please check your spam just in case. Those of you who have not got any mails, are either wait-listed or not considered for PGPM this year. The status will be updated in the site by tomorrow, you can check then.


I have also got a call for Great Lakes ..
the process has been more or less explained by other aspirants.

essay topic:(not exact words) overload of information depletes common sense.

gd: was about film/music piracy
and about few tasks an organizing committee must take care to implement a successful movie screening event.

pi: mainly project related, it's execution,
why have u not applied for patent.
can it be implemented in cities like pune.?

(it was a project selected by an reputed international academic organisation
for publication and conference)

why did u choose VIT , despite living in Orissa?
did you get what you were looking for in VIT?

Why MBA?

any questions for us?

over all it was very specific to my stream (EEE)and my college, besides the generic question why mba. I guess the same questions will not be repeated for many people (unless pursued your education from a college located far off from your home town in a different state )

the process was very smooth and fast. and seniors were really helpful and friendly . kudos to the seniors for managing the process so effortlessly. :cheers: cheers. great effort on your part

I guess we were in same group... what was your seat number ?? mine was E55/2
Dude, whats with the personal accusitions? Anyways, find my answers inline.
1. Paying money doesn't guarantee an admit.
2. There are many international colleges that reject people because they are "Indians, IT people, Males, Dark, are not tall enough, blah blah", we need to live with it.
3. Where Did you see me "PRAISING" anyone?
4. You have got an awesome profile and seeking feedback is your right. By maintaining the "sanity" of the thread, I meant that fellow puys (like that ones who have thanked you in your last post) should not use this to vent out their frustration. I would love people coming here and seeking feedback, or rahter posting the feedback they would have got in person so that it helps everyone to prepare a better application. However, just venting out frustration actually obscures a lot of relevant queries from the college students. There are so many issues people are facing regarding profile sheets etc. and an incorrect/missed query can cost them their candidature. I am not praising the college or anyone, I am just asking people to be sport and not undermine relevant queries by fellow puys.
I hope you got my point. I am not accusing you of being profane, neither am I inviting any debate. You can do one thing, open a new thread for grievances and carry on there. This will help Slayer and others give focussed feedback to you and relevant answers to those who need them.
Thanks and no pun intended

Dear Jeewant,

Fine agreed , that paying doesnt guarantee an admission.

But honestly tell me something. Why doesnt the colleges come out with these criteria's early?

Fine , I have got less in 10th or 12th or Engg or whatever. Come out with criteria beforehand only na. At the time of notification tell us clearly that we do not want to give admission to people who has less that xy.z percentage etc in these important milestones. Atleast people wont fill the form and waste their money.

And to be honest , I never understand the profile based call system. I am sure you would know this very well that there is no standard for marking in india. There are different boards and there are different systems in place where marks are given according to their own standards.

To give you a simple example. In DU , as far as i know , even the university gold medalist is around 70. If you go to Maharaja Sayajirao University then the gold medalist has approx 67-68 percentage. And mind you these are one of the best universities in india. Do you want to tell me that these people are not eligible for admission because they have less than 75% in in their bachelors ?

FYI: I have also been rejected. Because my college topper is 71% and i am 65%. Its not that we are bad. Its just that our colleges doesnt give such percentage's. And i have over 42 months of experience and am a solution architect.

I dont know how but my preferences for the courses for NMIMS have changed from what i had provided during the registration. What can i do in that case now?

nikhil.kulkarni Says
I dont have the answer to ur question, but i am in a similar situation. Do we have to apply to SPJAIN through XAT as well ?

yes .. you could have .. but the resgistration are now closed ..
TOTAL 30.24 91.74

Still cant believe that i missed XLRI by a whisker
Any chance from XIMB , SP jain ?
Am sure that the Aspirant Relations Team must have taken note of your situation....
You will be assigned a BUDDY shortly..

Till then keep up your preps..

All the best!!

Shourya Sen,

I got to know from couple of friends and seniors who are in SIBM or have passed out or had apprered for GD/PI before that many times SIBM also comes with revised cut-offs.

1) is it correct ?
2) under what cases does SIBM does it?
3) if it has to happen this year, till when can we expect revised cut-offs ?
4) normally, as an pattern, what is the difference in terms of marks ?

Missed SIBM by approx 3 marks. Hence concerned. Please reply asap.

Thanks :)
I dont think i wud matter.... anyway.. Congrats bhai...
and... how are u?

i am good tushar ..

just noticed a mistake in my application...
In my work experience section , by mistake i have mentioned 4.76 lakh as my current annual salary instead of 4.72 lakh per annum.. how can i get i rectified ?? please help