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Confirming each of the statements above..
going through a loan approval process myself so am pretty much acquainted with what it takes.
Another thing that I ignored or rather was unaware of is that any school requires a guarantee of prospective finances before it can issue an I-20.
Loan applications require an I-20.

So to get a loan, one needs the I-20, and to get the I-20 one needs the guarantee of funds, which in turn is the loan.

So all sorry souls who depend on a loan for funding their education.. beware of this deadlock !!

cheers - :neutral:

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any tips for Level 2 preparation

only call ...............failed to convert

hobson choice to do what i always wanted ....a good job now ( i m fresher)

thank u lucknow for atleast calling me .........better than the rest

congrats to everybody who made it thru ...................ATB for future

best of luk to all thru C for their wonderful career and
all the best who r waiting for other results (like me)

this agony of waiting is taking a toll on me .really frustated of refreshing again nd again

Moderator do post the link of results as and when they come

Kicks from SCMHRD :-(

Now finally converted IIMC.... waiting 4 A and B
All i have to say to those who kicked me is LOSERS:grab:

really great ...may be the above institute avoided the chance to come out with more waiting list
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success is 99% perspiration and 1% luck ....

but i blv sometime that 1% luck is the difference between the reaching the goal or not ....
i always wondey how SPJAIN selected me after a disaster 2nd round interview...that 1% luck did made the BIG difference

tommorrow's ressult would help me make a more better comment ...Although i feel i will make it to IIM but deep inside i know that 1% can screw things

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yaa the opportunity will open manifold .....u should go for it

its just not about money only its about ur position of responsibilty

1. neal and nikki
2. memoirs of a geischa ( i literally slept off in this one)
3. Kalyug

ARe we as Indians Lazy BUMs...Just 2 Questions,
1).How many of you actually Voted in the General Elections?
2).If required how many of us Lard Fed Folks would stand the DELHI HEAT for a Solid DHAMAKEDAAR MORCHA a la Rajiv Goswami?
All we can do is debate in our minds/drawing Rooms/And now we have PG!Seriously Hope I don't sound Amateurish but the 600 odd posts in a week or so does count a lot but imagine how many of us would "VENT out" our anger out where it might just help!

given a situation ....everyone out here has the capability to stand in delhi heat.....u should not think that the intellectual can't do anything which is physically demanding and requires gut .....history is the greatest example ....

writing on PG is the first step ....there are many more to follow
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Psychological my ***

Get the guy who first benefitted from SC/ST reservation in an IIT/IIM 35 years ago... Find out the IQ of his kids and grand kids or whatever now that he and his progeny are socially uplifted... If you find any noticeable difference... Let me know

And then we will discuss genetics and psychology


True !! .the reservation if any should end after two generations have taken advantage of it at some place or the other ...Either you choose higher education or a govt job ...u should not have a blanket cover on everything under the roof

this whole thing was meant for ten years Even Ambedkar said he wanted this system to end as soon as possible ...But that fool didn't know that the future politicians wont have a spine ....they would prefer the easy way out

these politicians went on increasing quota and approving the said proposal after every 10 years ....and now these innovative HRD minister has come up with another great proposal for OBCs .....these OBCs are very much politically active force and there is hardly any difference with general people
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