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LAST SET ON COA.......then we wills start conclusion/assumption


My take
1) 2
2) 3
3) 1
4) 2
5) 1
puys please post your experience & no of attempts
mine attempt around 150

i Found it somewhat difficult
Attempts : 148
Score (self calculated ): 109 :banghead:
Long way to go
mohitkothari Says
Hey plzz can u tell me when mh-cet forms for MBA are goin out or are they already out!!

MHCET forms will be out by mid Jan :cheers:
nileshpethkar Says
if small baby laughs for long time then that baby cries for long time also........initially we r so excited abt CET and now i dont see anybody....wer u guys been busy so much.....i am not getting much reply to posted questions.....seems excitation is going down day by day......come on..cheer up puys.,..

Its not like that dude you keep on posting it i think every one is exhausted after CAT but its matter of time from December onwards you can see lot of people interested in CET .
You keep on posting the questions its really helpfull for the puys like who don't get that much time to study because of workload :banghead:
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In these questions symbols #, @, $, *, % are to be used with different meanings as
'A # B' means 'A is neither smaller than nor equal to B'.
'A @ B' means 'A is smaller than B'.
'A $ B' means 'A is not greater than B'.
'A * B' means 'A is not smaller than B'.
'A % B' means 'A is neither smaller than nor greater than B'.

In each question, three statements showing relationships have been given, which are followed by two
conclusions I & II. Assuming that the given statements are true, find out which conclusion (s) is /are
definitely true.

Mark answer (1) , If only conclusion I is true;
mark answer (2) , if only conclusion II is true;
mark answer (3), if either conclusion I or II is true;
mark answer (4), if neither I nor II is true and
mark answer (5), if both conclusions I and II are true.

141. Statements : T @ J, J * M, M $ B
Conclusions : I. T # M
II. J $ B

142. Statements : R # F, F @ K, K $ V
Conclusions : I. R # v
II. V # F

143. Statements : E @ A, A % F, F $ Q
Conclusions : I. E @ Q
II. Q * A

144. Statements : L # M, M % D, D * Q
Conclusions : I. M # Q
II. Q @ L

145. Statements : W $ F, F @ H, H # R
Conclusions : I. W # R
II. W $ R

correct hai kya ???
hey puys !! needed to know whether jbims provides only mms or does it have a pgdm program too ?

JBIMS provide MMS program and Executive course for professional .
you can get more info at Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies - JBIMS
Date : 22nd November 2010
Subject: Logical Reasoning
Topic: Blood Relations

So here are some blood relations which are linked some way or other way around...

Husband or Wife's Sister ==>: Sister - In - Law

Brother's Wife ==>: Sister - In - Law

Husband or Wife's Brother ==>: Brother - In - Law

Sister's Husband ==>: Brother - In - Law

N One More Important To Remember : Spouse means either husband or wife..
Rest of all relations are known to you... so won't be mentioning it...

May Everyone Be Loved Forever... N So It Is...!!!

Hey thats really a great initiative. :clap:
can you please post questions also for every topic that you cover so that we can discuss those questions over here
  • 1 Like my admit 1st cet mock of this year..looking forward to it...hope the speed tuning takes minimum time..


can you please tell me how to register on IMS site for Free CET ???
As i'm not able to find the link to register

achilles.aditya Says
i thinks its not there on dte site,i also tried for that link

yeah even i'm not able to find it .....
Piyu109 Says
Hey rooney and neha, the answers are a.4 b.4 c.4 d.2..... Ur all answers are correct

What is the answer for "C" as i'm getting option 1 as answer
Please let me knw whether its the correct one or not ???