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Hi Puys,

I have taken admission into PGDM? Is the college starting on 23rd July?? Or is the starting date been post-poned?? Also, are casuals allowed, or formals are compulsory?? What are the timings of the college?

Thank you in advance!!

O.K. I just have one basic question to ask:

The PGDM classes are gonna to commence from 23rd July. Can anyone tell me the timings of the classes??

Thank you in advance.:D

Hi Puys,

In the admission guidelines link on SIES - College of Management Studies, we are supposed to get the "Acknowledgement copy of GD_PI" along with the other documents while taking admission. I did not any such acknowledgement copy during or after my GD-PI. All I have is the Admit Card of GD-PI.

And, after my GD-PI got over, I even asked the authorities that, are there anything more documents to be signed or to be given or to be taken from them. But, they told that "no more paper work is remaining. You are done for the day!!!"

Can anybody who has taken admission or some seniors, help me out???


Hi puys,
I just checked the syllabus for PGDM. There are 13 subjects in the first semester!! :shocked:

So just wanted to know which subjects are the difficult ones? And in which month are the first semester exams held??

srakshaa Says
While applyin u need to give a declaration in writin on a plain paper. Upon gettin thro, at the time of admission u need to submit the declaration on a 100rs. stamp paper, notarized!

Hi Puys,
Yea, I know about the 100 Rs stamp paper and all... but, there has to be format as well..the format in which the content has to be typed on the stamp paper stating that I belong to the linguistic minority and stating my mother tongue as well...I want that format..

Can any seniors clarify on this please after asking the college authorities?

Hi Puys,

My name is in the 2nd list on the MINORITY QUOTA as I belong in the minority quota. Can anyone provide me the format of the "affidavit stating mother tongue"? Please provide me more details of the same.

Hi puys,

I need your help urgently as i am in a dilemma. I got admission in the PGDM second list. But, now, I am worried about the placements as well.

My aggregate marks in graduation is not good and I secured this admission on the basis of CAT, GD and PI. My aggregate(average of all 4 years) score in B.E is 54.58%. So, I dont have first class marks in graduation. My question is "Do the companies coming on campus for offering placements for PGDM ask for first class marks in graduation?" If that is the case, then after 2 years I will be in a complete mess.

Right now, I am working in publication firm with a decent salary. So do you puys think I should take this admission into PGDM???


Hi puys,
I had my GD in the morning batch. So here goes my experience.

There were 9 batches with 12 candidates in each batch. Each batch was appointed a BUDDY (a senior sies student who got placed in big MNC :grin:) who took care of all the queries of the students and guiding them through the process.

1. A presentation about the college achievements was given.

2. First PI: This was technical. Since m frm IT background, the panel asked me related questions like-

(i) Difference between data and information?
(ii) Favorite subject? and there were questions on this too.
(iii) What is data mining?
(iv) What is SQL?
n the most basic ones like 'tell me something about yourself.'

3. Then the GD round. The topic was "Social networking sites-a boon or a bane". Honestly I coud'nt have expected a simpler topic than this. GD was too good and if you have good points ppl will listen to you.

4. Second PI: This was an ultimate cake-walk. Sort of an HR round.

(i) Tell me something about yourself?
(ii) I'll give u a topic n i want u to think about it for a min or two and speak on that topic. The topic was "Religion is highly a private matter and the state or the centre should not involve in it".....This was the best part and i went on speaking also gave an example and the panel was very much impressed.
(iii) In which field do u want to pursue mba and why?
(iv) Then some questions related to my job.

Just remember guys, dont have any pressumptions, be very polite, be very professional...from the moment you enter the GD or the PI room ur body language is been observed, completely honest, dont bluff...if u dont know an answer just say that u dont know in the most professional manner....and what else? Oh yes...

ALL THE VERY BEST!!!! :cheerio:


How and where do i send my MH-CET scores to be considered for PGDM? I checked their website but nothing is mentioned in it. I have my GD PI tomorrow. What documents to carry along?
Plz reply ASAP!

I've submitted the application form for PGDBM today and my GD is on 1st june at 2:00 pm...anyone alongwith me on that day? N seniors plz throw some light on the GD-PI scenario..
Plz reply ASAP!

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