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Is it ok for a person to quit work to prepare for CAT? Would that create a negative impression on the panel,conveying that the candidate is a bad manger of time and hence would not be suitable for the role of a manager?

@gary...concepts in place dude!
@savant...a word in barrons which means 'scholar'...seems v have one here!!
@phantom...lil misconception dude...please click on the link below n read my all 3 relevant posts on this concept!

hi skylark....i appreciate ur sincerity....u're getting a wrong answer bcoz u cud not understand the concept...will try my best to clear ur doubt...i did answer ur query...u can click below to find the relevant link...

about the question above...counting zeroes is not the right way...think!!.....125 has no zero...8 doesnt not have any zero but 125 x 8 = 1000, has 3 zeroes....the reason, to get a zero, v require a 5 n a 2...since multiples of 5 occur less often than those of 2, 5 wud be the deciding factor. so v ought to count the no. of 5s...

they can be counted by 500/5 + 500/25 + 500/125. = 124

now they shud exist in answer wud be 124/3 = 41.

the reply to ur query:

# 3892

i'll recommend u to read the above message....then read the original (which is also there on the above page)...u shud get a fair idea...

i'll frame few questions for u...for better understanding and practice. a sincere request: please attempt them only after reading my all 3 relevant messages.

400! is divisible by x^n. what is the max. possible integral value of n if the value of x is:

Q1. 300
Q2. 99
Q3. 500
Q4. 320
Q5. 770
Q6. 5200
Q7. 270
Q8. 686
Q9. 338
Q10. 13000

Answers... 49, 39, 33, 66, 39, 32, 65, 22, 16, 32 (the answer is not 33, this one is actually tricky! )

do lemme know if u face any problem at all. i really want u to master this concept



50! is divisible by 144^n...what is the max. integral value of n?

144 = 2^4 * 3^2...difficult to decide whether 3 or 2 will be the deciding factor...

count 2s



answer = 47/4 = 11.(hey why did ya again divide by 4 here?)

count 3s


sum = 23

23/2 = 11(why did ua divide by 2 again here?)

a tie...else the smaller value wud have been the answer.

thanks ya.

next one->the duration of a rauilway journey varies as the distance and inversely as the velocity ;the velocity varies directly as the square root of thwquantity of coal used per km and inversely as the number of carriages in the a journey of 50km in half an hour with 18carriages ,100kg coal is much coal is consumed in a journey of 42km in 28 mins with 16 carriages.

pls tell me ur ans.i got the equation /=/42*16.

i.e t=kd
so tv/d=k

v=k sqrt(c/km)/carr


hey as simple as this ...
fall of 20% hence now it is 4/5 ...
hence 5/4 for the other ... 1/4*100=25
infact it is 100x/(100-x)

thanks ya.

next one->pls tell me ur ans.i got the equation /=/42*16.

i.e t=kd
so tv/d=k

v=k sqrt(c/km)/carr


hi guys..there is a concept which goes

suppose ders a fal of 20% in the wages , by how much percent shud the no of emploees be increased to keep the total wages const.

the thought process is 20% fall in wages w results in 0.8 w.

number of ppl=n


wn=(0.8w) * N

=10/8 n
or 25% rise in ppl.

There is a shortcut to this, that I am unable to recollect.I am confused. its something like 20%=1/5(x/y) so 20% fal corrsponds to x/(y-x) sumthin like this...please explain.

A crew can row a certain course up the stream in 84 mins.they can row the same down stream in 9 mins less than they can row it in still long would they take to row down down the stream?

dist=dist of stream
b=speed of boat
s=speed of stream

dist/(b+s)=dist/b - 9

If i take b/dist as x and s/dist as y , i am getting a quadratic..the process gets too long...what to do ?

If question were as below?

The total number of 7 digit positive integers whose digits are in increasing order ( strictly) is ?

The total number of 7 digit positive integers whose digits are in increasing order ,with repetetion not allowed ?

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3 bulbs flicker together after 1080 secs or 18 mins
as per the clock the time wshould be 8:18:00
but clock loses 2sec per min
so ifor 1080 secs or 18 mins it loses 36 secs
so clock shows 8:17:24

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3 bulbs flicker after 120 sec, 72 sec and 135 sec.
If they flash at 8.00.00 hrs simultaneously accdg to a watch that loses 8 secs evry min, when will tehy flash again simul.?
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whats the eaxt formula for euler of a number.

where all is it used?

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