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Some more queries...
1) How many sections are there in a batch of 800 odd students? How many in each? Also, any idea about the no. of students for 2008-10?
2) Does the lack of AICTE approval have any major implications apart from no fixed no. of seats and no refund of the initial payment? Is it likely to be a handicap in the longer run?
3) Please give us the inside picture...the student achievements in the various competitions or anything else that you could highlight. These details have not been given in the prospectus of IBS.

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Hi Puys,

I am a student of IBS, Hyderabad - Batch of 2008.
If you have any queries then start posting 'em right away. I'll hope to answer 'em all with an unbiased view.


Hey Garfield...thanks for your honest feedback so far.

I wanted to know about the CGPA based scholarships...since every student here is banking on it, could you please tell us all, the exact criteria? Is there a limit on the no. of students getting these scholarships? Also, please share your views on the overall experience at IBS...the faculty, the intellectual capital, industry-interface et al. It would help ease the dilemma of most students. Thanks in advance.
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i have my presentation on 16th my topic is global warming n climate change can someone plz tell me questions related to it..........

thnks in advance


1) How does the ozone layer get depleted? (question by a panelist)
2) some more by the fellow candidates on the recent conference in Bali. Fairly easy questions here.

Even I would suggest you to change the topic if you possibly could. If you choose not to, then you could begin the presentation in an innovative manner such that it stands out. For the rest of the presentation, just be confident(a cliche, i know, but true) or at least try not to make your nervousness apparent. Make it conversational but professional. 'hope this helps. All the best!
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Apart from all the documents that we've been asked to carry, would it be better if we carry other certificates for extra-curriculars as well? If yes, then should we carry the originals in a separate file or will the xerox copies do? Please do reply.

Also, a lot of contradictory infos are being given- marks only for the MP, marks for qs as well, -ve marks for not following the rules. Is it because every panel has its own rules? Will the instructions be made clear right at the outset?

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They generally ask 2-3 very difficult questions, which they don't expect you to answer, but to check your attitude & confidence. So if you don't know any answer, pls don't bluff.

So how did you tackle these difficult questions that were thrown your way? Was it simply "I have no idea" or something more tactful?
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hey guys,

had my interview on the 7th.
Got thru hybd.
It was a cake walk ...

go early reach the reporting place at 6.30 so dat u can get into the initial A and B batches.

Have patience its a long wait after the PI and MP is done
All the best.

do post for further queries

Hey...congratulations! But we'd all really appreciate it if you could elaborate on your experience. Tips (apart from the ones already been given), suggestions, excerpts from the interview and MP are all welcome!

Thanks in advance.
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me typed in d password n yet smhow it redirects me to d same page'enter password'... dunno wat to do... tried callin dose guys but de aint ans...

Relax...Keep entering the password till it's accepted. I faced the same problem. I entered it some 3-4 times and yet would get redirected to the same page each time. I just typed the password on MS word and copy-pasted it and it worked. Dunno if that was the reason it worked, but no harm in trying it out.
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I've gone through the DTE site and also browsed through most of the pages on this rather longish thread, yet a few doubts persist. These may have been clarified but I would appreciate it if someone would respond to my queries. 1)

Yeah this time DTE has reduced pain of OMS guys :).
You need to submit the form online and take the printout of hall ticket. During the entire process you need to visit only once at ARC centres to submit application form.
Is this true? From what I figured, this time around, OMS students will have to visit Maharashtra only once i.e. for the GD-PI process. Please coorect me if I'm wrong. 2)Is there an option of applying through both, MH-CET as well as All India CET scores?
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Dont u think the VA question LARGE:GARAGANTUAN corresponds to WISE:MACHIAVELLIAN as GARAGANTUAN has its origin in a gigantic king and so is MACHIAVELLIAN in intelligence. I think the analogy is hinting at a person

i second that. to add to it, large is a relative word(larger than, largest, etc.) while gargantuan is more specific. going by this (and the aforementioned) logic, wise:machiavellian seems to be the correct option. don't know if this is over-analysis or one of the pit falls of too much information, but i have a feeling that fms will go for small:tiny.

haven't done well in snap. no hopes whatsoever. so if anyone wants to buy the scmhrd form, pls send me a private msg. it's an online procedure and the deadline is tmrw, 10:00 pm.

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