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raghavmadan Says
Dude i think u r taking the statement out of context... 'academic year lost' here is in reference to the implementation of OBC quota only. I don't think either the SC of the govt has the guts to scrap an year of the IIMs

Well. I agree iwth Harshad that Yechury does refer to the scrapping of the academic year for all. goddamn the politicians. I have put in my papers also. Am from the general category and have converted XLRI. Hope nothing goes wrong now. :satisfie:
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Another article puys... Arjun Singh should be slaughtered for all this. Rang De basanti ishtyle.

Get stay on OBCs case vacated: UPA allies

Special Correspondent
All efforts to ensure that current academic year is not lost, says Yechury

NEW DELHI: Constituents of the United Progressive Alliance and the Left parties supporting it asked the Manmohan Singh Government on Friday to move the Supreme Court to get the stay on reservation for the Other Backward Classes in central institutions of higher education vacated.
"It was resolved that the Government will take all appropriate steps to ensure that reservation for the OBCs to the extent of 27 per cent becomes operational from this academic session," an official release said at the end of the over two hour-long meeting at the Prime Minister's 7 Race Course residence.
Though the statement did not elaborate on what steps the Government would take, Left party leaders Sitaram Yechury and Abani Roy briefed correspondents separately about the decisions arrived at.
Mr. Yechury, CPI(M) Polit Bureau member and MP, said the unanimous opinion was that all efforts be made to ensure that the current academic year was not lost. It was for the Government to move the apex court.
Admissions on hold

The meeting said institutions that had expanded capacity to cater for the additional intake would be asked to put admissions on hold, so that the extra seats were not filled.
The UPA allies and the Left parties authorised Dr. Singh to consult other political parties, including the Bharatiya Janata Party, so that all could be taken on board.
Even the official statement said the Government would consult other political parties.
On the issue of census, Mr. Yechury said there could be nothing like a comprehensive OBC list since it varied from one State to another.
On the question of the creamy layer, he said it was introduced by the apex court in the case of job reservation for OBCs. Besides the Prime Minister, the meeting was attended by his Cabinet colleagues, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, CPI general secretary A.B. Bardhan and leaders of the UPA's allies.

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Hey moi Vatsava from hyderabad... N i know 2 others who are also from Hyd.

Lets meet up before we head out!


Hi .. PM me ur number. Try and meet up over the weekend.

[hey guys.. anyone fom hyderabad in the gang?

Hey Puys... Am thru too... BMcourse. See all of you there.

And regarding the looong discussion on which course in XL is better, then I'd just say, grow up guys.. Please join the course u actually are interested in... DONT THINK ABOUT THE PLACEMENTS NOW, coz as the SENIORS said, placements are going to be fundoo, both for the BM as well as the PMIR guys.

XL definitely has the best PMIR pgm in Asia.. Thats a big achievement for any insti... But just thsi fact does not and SHOULD not make the BM pgm less important. As spmeone said, Xl's BM pgm is amongst the top 5 in India. So chillax. Just remember, one performs well in a premier insti like XL, one is bound to be placed well, irrespective of his pgm.


hi guys.....
i am a GMAT aspirant who has just shifted to hyd......happy to find the hyderabadi grp on this forum.......i plan to take the exam by aug 1st little time and lots to achieve.....plz keep me posted!!!


Hello Fellas... Me too in the gang. but my timelines are really stringent. Gotta get over with GMAt latest by may 1st week and i have started just today. Is it possible???? No Books, nothing till now, Just Kaplan. Preparing and doing research on gmat at the sametime. :satisfie:

Hi cyborg.... My profile..

10th - 90
12th - 94
BE - Distinction
2 yrs 5 months work ex.
Extraculliculars - Okie Dokie
CAT percentile - 99.3

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your interview looks good. you managed most of the questions well.. some mistakes like the nelson thing happen and the interviewers know that stress can cause. given that ur acads have been very good and i gather you do have some work ex also, i would say you stand a very good chance. what was ur percentile ?

Hi .. thanks for the confidence dude. Anyways, My acads..

10th - 90
12th - 94
BE - Distinction Holder.
XAT percentile - 98.36

Hi Puys...

My GD/Pi experience.

Case study was good and pretty easy. In fact not a fish market at all.


2 panelists: Gent(G), Lady(L)

Me: Good morning madam. Good morning sir.
L: Take a seat and gimme ur certificates.
G: So u in xxx company for the past 2 years? waht have u learnt?
Me: Told.
G: Discussions about my work ex for around 5 minutes. Thats all.

L: (To G). Any other questions or shud I????
G: u go ahead ma'am.
L: So tell me, why ETC and then software and now mgmt?
Me: Told.
L: So whats changed in hyderabad in the last 2 years??????
Me: Infrastructure, Retail.. balhblah
L: What in retail?
Me: Spoke about malls at length...
L: Dp u think Reliance is a perfect example of diversification and why?
Me: Spoke at length.
L: U must have heard of the walmart issue. Why is sonia opposingit?
Me: Spoke in favor of sonia's concern though gave the benefits of walmart in india too.
L: So name a few companies invvolved in selling vegetables in reatil stores.. :neutral:
Me: Told 3 names viz. reliance, Heritage Foods, Trinethra etc.
L: Good. Have u heard anything like ITC Fresh????
Me: Ma;am have heard that they have ventured into this but dont know their venture's name.
L: Ok. (Discussions on SEZ's for the next 2-3 minutes. Very cordial and healthy discussion.)
L: Ok. Lets talk about heritage sites. Which ones have you been to?
Me: Jagannath Temple Puri.
L: Why rath yatra /
Me: Told
L: Whats its speciality?
Me: its one of the 4 hindu dhams.
L: Which are the 4 dhams >
Me: (Caught Me. could name only 2. )
L: Which other site?
Me: Dhaulagiri , Buddha Stupa.
L: When was it built????
Me: Ma'am , Kalinga war was fought in BC ,so probably it was built in .... (gave some stupid date.)
L: (Laughing). r u sure?
Me: No ma'am. twas a guess.
L: Which foreign firm helped erect the statue there?
Me: No iDea....:neutral:

L: Do u follow the news in the telecom sector????
Me:s ma'am.
L: Whats HDTV???
Me: told
L: owz it diff from the earlier tvs???
Me: told in terms of quality, resolution, aspect ratio etc...
L: wahts the number of pixels????
Me: dunno
L: The aspect ratio???
Me: Told . and the earlier aspect ratio also. (Discussed the effects of noise on analog and digital signals too.)
L: Thnakl you....

Thats all folks. 20 minutes? what do you guys have to say about it? To hope or not to Hope, thats the question..


Hi Puys...

My BM Experience.

Date: 15/03/2007
Venue: LIBA


Me: Good afternoon sirs.
P1: Take a seat.
Me: Thank you sir.
P1: So u r from Orissa?
Me: s sir.
P1: Which Place????
Me: Told.
P1: But you seem to have never stayed there??? Why?
Me: Told the reason(father's profession).
P1: Ok. So u r in xxx coy?
Me: No Sir. Have recently switched to yyy coy.
P1: Why the switch?
Me: Told the reason.
P1: But in such a case, if something like this occurs in future, u might think of leaving XLRI midway???
Me: Sir, things are quite alrite now and i hope no such incident occurs in future.
P1: So where do you see your xxx coy in the next 5 years.
me: Told them about the way it's progressing and what corrective measures it should take which might help it to rise manifold.
P1: Do you think that any indian s/w company has the ability to get into research oriented work and also excel???
Me: Gave my views.
P1: U too are from ETC background but are into software.... Justify.
Me: Gave them the reasons and explained as to how i still tried my best to keep myself abreast with the happenings in the telecom industry to do justice to my subjects.. :neutral:
P1: 1 technical question.
Me: answered (not very satisfied. )
P1: ur 12th and 10th marks are great . waht happeed in BE?
Me: Explaind as to how twas diff to secure a high percentage in une univ and that i stood amongst the toppers with a distinction.

P2: We have been hearing a lot about something called "BlackBerry". What is it? Some kinda fruit?
(Both of us smiled at each other. twas more of a smirk.)
Me: Explained him waht it was and how twas better than the other mobile devices.
P2: How does one receive emails over it?
Me: Explained.
P2: Do you read newspapers??
Me: Yesssssssssss:)
P2: Whats the latest news??/
Me: Told them aout nandigram issue.
P2: So that means SEZs are a wrong concept???
Me: Explained the pros and cons.
P2: Parties have called a bandh? Is that justified even after the SC ruling that the bandhs a re illegal???
Me: Justified and gave their pros and cons.
P2: How good are you in Maths?
Me: Very god sir. My scores say so.
P2: Scores are not indicative of a person's skilss.
Me: S Sir.:( I am decently good.
P2: What is covariance.
Me: Sir, I left statistics in 11th and havent touched till date. I just remeber the term but can explain variance and explained.
P2: What is its practical use?
me: Told.

P3: Ok, who is Nelson Mandela???
Me:(NOW HERE COMES THE INEVITABLE. I WAS WAITING FOR A MAJOR GOOF UP AND IT FINALY HAPPENED.) Very excitedly i said, sir he was the UN Sec Gen(I had Kofi Annan in mind.:( ).
P3: Looks at me.9cant forget that look). then who is Kofi Annan???
All three laugh and i too join in.:)
Me: A big mistake on my part. NM was the SA Prez and Kofi Annan was the Un Sec Gen.9Prob was totally stresse out by then.)
P3: Hmm.. Tell me the name of another African Leader.
Me: Dunno
P3: Did any indian ever serve as the UN sec Gen?
Me: Nope. But told about Shashi Tharroor andhow he marginally missed but served as the deputy.
P3: Is Nelson Mandela alive and what bout his autobiography????
Me: managed this one.
P3: Tell me a few countried of the erstwhile USSR.
Me: 9Was not evry sure apart from 4-5 countries). Sir, Czechslovakia(2nd mistake and later realized that it had split too).
P3: Are you sure?
Me: No sir. Kazakastahn, Uzbekistan.
P3: Hmm. (Satisfied). Ehich is the major country>
Me: Rooooossssssss.:) Had taken it for granted till then.
P3: Just another one.
Me: Sir cant recollect it as per now. (How could i forget Ukraine?????)
P3: Ok. So waht do you think?
Me: I shuld work harder on international geography.:)
P3: Seeing my certificates... so u said u are the topper in ur college?
Me: Sir.. amongst the tioppers.
P3: Whats tha???
Me: in the top 5.

Suddenly P2: U just took a name Czechslovakia.Is taht a country?
Me: No Sir. It was one. Not its split into "the Czech republic and Slovakia".

Khatam.. Finisssss.

Now please tell me seniors or others, taht after23 minutes of grilling and 2 goof ups(which i managed to coreect partially later on), do i stand a chance? How would u all rate it?