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I had filled in the achievements and referee information before submittin the form today afternoon. However, I did not check my final consolidated form after submitting it. Now when I check it, my achievements and referee information is missing and am not able to edit it.

Any suggestions on what to do ?


Hey guys.. I had mailed few queries to Darshan from team IMPACT and got answers .. posting it here for everybody's benefit ..
My questions were roughly the following -
1. Would rooms be allotted on 15th ? Would there be difficulty in getting rooms due to increase in batch size?
2. Would parents get accommodation at MDP Hostel ? Is any prior booking needed or can we request for a room after reaching NITIE ?
3. Any limit on the number of days for accommodation at MDP for parents ?
4. few queries about the bulk laptop deals that would be organised once the course starts - What percentage discount can be expected on the selling price of the laptop ?
5. Would we be able to order any laptop brand and any config through this deal and avail the same percentage discount ? or would the deal be restricted to only few brands and configs ? Is it dependent on what the majority of the batch orders or would the deal be open for any brand n make of our choice ?
6. How long would it take for these laptop deals to materialise ? Till then will we be able to manage without a laptop or would we be needing laptop from day 1 ?
7. And regarding business suits for girls .. are there bulk deals arranged after we come to NITIE ? Would we be needing the suits immediately after joining , or would we not need them until the deals are over?

Darshan's answers -

1.You will be given accommodation staring 15th only and not before that. Getting room wont be problem as the authorities are planning the hostel arrangements such that all get rooms easily.
2. Your parents will be given accommodation @ MDP and you can request for the same on arrival. All parents will be accommodated
3. I am sure of accommodation upto 21st for parents, give me a days time, will confirm if there is an upper cap on the days of stay @ MDP. .
4. Last year 4-5000 discount was available on dell/hp/sony laptops, with 2 configurations in each . for this year, we are still negotiating.5. We will get different configurations and makes of laptops as a part of the deal. i dont think there is any need to go beyond 3 brands n 3 configurations, as the needs of a MBA graduate are well known.
6. in all probability you will be getting the laptops in the 1st week. You will be needing laptops for college work post 1st lectures only, which cud be either on 3rd day or 2nd week, depending on your time table.
7. Deals for business suits are also being arranged for, which will be in the 2nd week, as there will be no immediate need for the same. So you can settle down into campus life before this.


Hope this helps

g.krish2 Says
I guess, NITIE authorities are asking for a recent character certificate (

Hey guys, there is a lot of confusion regarding the character certificate to be submitted. Earlier our NITIE senior vivekkahn had clarified saying that a CC from college would do , if it is an engineering college, even though the candidate might be working now. Now there are people again saying that it should not be more than 6 months old, and hence the cc should be taken from the workplace for working junta.

What are the exact details regarding this ? I had submitted a CC (from college) during the gd pi process which was accepted by NITIE authorities and no undertaking was taken from me. So, can I submit the same CC now , or should I try to get a CC from my workplace?

Seniors please clarify on this issue .

kd.....have a lil patience...u ll know it soon.. :)
Patience is a very important virtue tat a manager must possess
(this basically implies tat I hav no insider news)

HI VIvekkahn,

Can you please reply to the PM I have sent you

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Hey seniors,

can you guide for byuing laptops ? what sorta config would be required ?
N bulk deals would provide discounts upto what extent ?


khandoo_amit Says
u dont need to send any annexure/letter right now...that needs to be submited at time of registration

Hey but as per vivek's post on page 91, I sent the DD along with annexure 1 (acceptance letter).. Have I done anything wrong ?

vivekkahn Says
By college u mean engg college, then it wud suffice.

Ya engineering college thanks


The character certificate that they have asked to submit on june 17th, does it have to necessarily be from our current employer (for wrkin ppl) ? or would a certificate from college (my college TC has a line "good character") suffice even for working people ?


Hi Shobhana
u were an IMS Student right ? Rank 4 in NITIE List ?

here is the link for FB Group , join it and go to the Intro Thread
any othr calls ??

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Hey Hi, thanks for the links .. Ya thats me .. check ur PM..

Guys is there a facebook group for NITIE 2010-2012 ?