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SP Jain honestly sucks. No clarity in any of the process. Neither they are transparent with the eligibility criteria. They were making it so obvious that those who have already good chance of making it through the placements will be preferred, they didnt even put up a list till now. So obvious lack of management. Wonder what Teaching goes inside the College. They have wasted so much of my time,patience,money so much more. They really suck.

dm set 2:

97 d
98 b
99 b
100 d
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90. Which was the finish point for farmer F2?

A. P1
B. P2
C. P3
D. P4
E. P5

91. Which stage was ploughed by farmer F5?
A. First
B. Second
C. Third
D. Fourth
E. Fifth

93. For which farmer was P2 a finishing point?
A. F1
B. F2
C. F3
D. F4
E. F5

94. Which was the starting point for farmer F3?
A. P2
B. P3
C. P4
D. P1
E. None of above

Is it

90 A
91 D
93 D
94 E
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Hi Puys

Planning to apply for next fall

In the Tution Fees section they have mentioned

Tution (Per year) $34,750.Is it Tution fee for the whole 20 months or for the second year there is a similar fees?

Thanks in advance for the clarification.

Hi ipmx

Current Profile = TL in an IT MNC in an ERP Profile.

Could i make a switch to roles like Software Sales or Business Dev after the program,, of course IF INDUCTED?


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Average 15,17 whopping lakhs .. Apart from money minting any other reasons?

Dear kjs1,
after hearing and reading so much on the issue, it is really easy to comment that, I must be aware of the fact "buyers beware" :).
By the way, each of the aspirant is free to make an opinion about the bias/unbiasness of the facts.
Unfortunately, when I was joining there was no Mr. Jha who came to PG and put forth all the truth about one of the top 10 B-school inside out. The information we had was the inflated salary figures on the site and the buzz that SPJIMR is amongst the "top 10". Both of them when seen in the context are wrong. I am sure once the candidates spend 11 odd months in the campus all of my comments will come to realization one by one.
Anubhav is really right in saying that there is a vast market for this product (PGPM). Had the quality been there the admission will stop right after the first list is out, and it will not go till 4th list and now the rolling admission offer. :).

Hi Jha

What kind of companies do come for IM?

Do the plum companies TCS,Infy,IBm come to the campus?
And what kind of requirements do they have?
Hi All,

Read the selection criteria for Spjain in Pagalguy interview but still i'm bit confused...are there any chances for a profile with...

SSC(10Th):91%(Andhra pradesh State Board)
Inter(12th):92.1%(Andhra Pradesh State board)
B.Tech:82%(Studied in a college Affliated to JNTU)
Extra Cirricular:Organised few events in college.
Sprots:Won in some chess competition,but I don't have any certificate for that....
Work Ex:Working in Infosys since June 28th,2010.

Why dont u try for the Sp Jain PGDM, 2 year course.. And for 2 year courses in general...
i 2 came 4 the intw..not at all happy with the way it was conducted.. 2 rounds ..same difference at all.. no xtra ques asked even in 2nd rnd,,just tell us abt urself type ques asked
long waiting time during intw. no seniors 2 discuss ..Mr jha hot topic during discussions amongst people
pre decided whm they want 2 take

all the best 2 those selected

In the first round it looked like they werent much upto it but honestly i didnt realise it that much coz i wanted to give my best shot.

In the second round it was quite good coz they really looked interested in knowing the candidates.

However its all upto them who they percieve as right fit or not.

But regarding Placements they have to be more transparent to be honest.

Hi Puys

Had my Evaluation yesterday for IM. And i think it went well. The First round was Group Interview. Mostly concerned with the Job Repsonsibility and what are the plans ahead and are we clear about it. There was a mini discussion/debate within the group.

The second one was too a group interview. It checked on general Topics like explaining if there was any chink/loop in your profile or your plans ahead and how do u plan to tackle ahead. Also it asked about our views on general/philosphopical topics. i thought they just wanted to check our communication skills and opinions in general.

All in all it was a pretty serious Day yesterday and looked like the Management is really interested in picking out the best of the lost.

However there are few doubts which is still lingering. When asked about the Placements at one point they said, dont be fully dependant on us etc. Didnt understand it to be honest. For many of us, like i am going to take a sabbatical. So its very important for me.

Would like to know from the puys or the Alumni what is the Placement Process exactly?

When does it start?
How many companies come in for Profiles like Business Analyst,Consultant, Software Sales etc. the core IT Roles?

Any more light on these placement process is welcome.