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There are a lot of posts on and other GMAT websites where 2minute gmat is advertising very subtely.
For example,
Notice how only a single point refers to the use of 2minute gmat.
There are a large number of posts all over the web like this. I will keep posting those links as and when i come across them.
I am sure about this being an advertising gimmick since I regularly read posts by GMAT takers, and go thru their list of books/resources used.

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xlrigmp2009 Says
Got the photocopies of new OG Verbal and OG Quant edition (second edition), they are worth buying. There are more than 150 new questions of quant and verbal, and I have not seen them before. Some of them alongwith their explanations are really good.

do u know if qs from these 2nd ed books are repeated from OG11?
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Hey there...

Well after a long haitus I am back on PG threads. I am not a newbie at PG, just that GMAT is a different ball game altogether.

I'll reintroduce myself as the usual suspects are no longer on the scene.

I am 28 yrs old / Looking to take GMAT sometime in November or early Dec

@Lostphoton111 - Have you managed to give your GMAT ? How did it go... sir ?
@duskndreamz - Congrats on your share your story with us!

@Shinjini - I agree this has become a forum for folks looking for and recommending tutors. Lets kick start something else here.

I have an old ragged (borrowed) copy of the OG 11 and I have been wondering if I need to lay my hands on the OG 11 (beg.. borrow.. steal) or worsecase buy the OG 12 which is out there available in the stands. Can anyone please highlight the difference between the OG 11 and OG 12. Does it really matter in a big way ..if you have OG 10, OG 11 or OG 12 ?

(In-case this is the right question on the wrong highlight the same as well)

Better4worse ( feels good to be back ! )

Manhattan GMAT has done a pretty thorough analysis of the difference b/w OG 11 & 12...find it here: GMAT Official Guide 12th Edition
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vpal Says
are there still guys active on this group??

i would love if this grp was active in terms of discussing GMAT questions/organizing PG meets, giving support to fellow GMAT takers...but i don't think this is a thread to check if you want any of those IS good for discussing a particular GMAT tutor everyone seems to really like, and abt the GMAT test taking centre in delhi...these r the only 'delhi' related things u'll find here...but, if u can find a grp of ppl who're interested in discussing GMAT and want support of other delhiites taking the GMAT...get them all here or start a new thread...i'll def join in!!!
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hi everyone!
i was a part of the thread "aiming for Jan 2010"...but then the thread got too inactive, while my studying got more active! i hope to be able to give it by dec '09 now...the following are my last 2 relevant (and slightly edited) posts...

14th Sept:, done with all the review sections from PR, except for CR (cos it's kinda boring)...
I don't think the math review in PR is good enough. I don't know how insufficient it is, but I'm definitely going to do OG's math review soon. Even SC doesn't seem enough. The book itself says that if u shud def look at a more extensive grammar review from a grammar book! For Math review, I also printed the Manahattan GMAT flashcards...may use them too.
As of now, i'm going to try reading some more abt CR from PR tonight. And tomm morn, goin to give the "warm up test" (60 mins) and see which practice bin I should start with.

Any idea abt where one can find the best math review from?

15th Sept:

So, I did the warm-up test today (60 mins - 20 qs. from V & M each)

I got 16/20 in math...and 13/18 in verbal (didn't have time left to ans. last 2)...
Although i haven't been able to analyse what I did wrong yet (am in office!), but...I did not expect to do better at math than verbal! verbal is my strength, but I think my speed of goin thru the RC was horrible (even after i used the method from PR!)...the PR method IS still pretty good...I just need to do it FASTER...and yes, i do generally read slowly, so I have to increase my conc/speed when i read now...
Also a lil worried abt my verbal accuracy (5 wrong out of 18! )...will go back and see what the hell I was doing!
I realise I should relax a's the first time I tried out a test, just started studyin for GMAT, actual exam is far, far away...but still!

Anyway...still waiting for a response abt where to do math review from!
ps. still have to finish reading the CR review from PR (3 types of qs. down, 5 more to go.................)

Hey All
Planning for oct 09.....I have given few kaplan test
below are my scores
kap 1 630
kap2 630
kap 4 610....

plese advise my ..i m scared with my scores..uptill now..anyone advise

I think u too should search for this query on other GMAT threads...from what i've heard, kaplan tests are tougher than what u will see on the actual GMAT, and their scoring is off wrt actual GMAT scoring algorithm. But, do confirm what I've heard!
Hello All,
I dont have much idea about the B schools accepting GMAT score!
Someone, please respond.

In India, I know about ISB. Abroad, I guess most B-schools accept GMAT scores. Go to the GMAT Query or some other thread to have such qs. answered.

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