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Tendar Tsering @bhuenyunpa
Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore has decided to make attendance voluntary across all courses, starting with the first year students of this academic year. This may sound like an odd thing to do for a premie

Though attendance is optional, we have surprise quizzes (with considerable weightage)in a few courses to make us attend the classes. Experienced it just last week. But the new rule would definitely help people going out to attend inter-college fests or sports meets.

Hi puys,
I just got into IIMB... Had a general waitlist of 38...
I wanted to know if there is any group for the IIMB class of 2013, that i can join... If there is, can anyone post the link here.....
Also i had gotten through Indore and have to refund my fees now... Does anyone have any idea about the withdrawal procedure, or the last date of withdrawal??

Please reply.

This is the google group's link:

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My profile:

10th: 93.27% (Tamilnadu Matriculation)
12th: 98.42% (Tamilnadu State Board)
B.E. (ECE) from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.
CGPA upto 7th semester: 9.84/10

Category - GEN
CAT 2010
QA: 98.49%ile
DI: 88.77%ile
VA: 97.65%ile

Calls: IIM- B,I,S, Raipur, Rohtak, Trichy
IIT- Bombay

Attended: IIM - B, I, S
Converts: All attended

Essay: Satisfactory performance
PI: Psychometric Random questions. Lasted just 10-15 minutes.

Essay: Satisfactory performance
Case Study: Ethical case. Quite simple. Entered around 5 times. Decent performance.
PI: Did well on Social issues, GK & HR questions. Flopped a few Technical questions (the ones on Microwave engineering!). Impressed the panel with my poems.

Joining: IIM Bangalore :cheerio:

Hi puys,

I have withdrawn my admission from FMS. Gen Category.
Got my certificates back & filled up a couple of forms to get 9k refunded by cheque (via post).
Cheers to wait-listers! :cheerio:


Got through!!

But joining IIM B


Hi Puys,
I'd converted FMS (Gen Category). But joining IIM B
Waitlist moves by one more :cheerio:


Hi puys,
I've converted Shillong. Gen category.
But will be joining IIM B

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Got a Final Offer!!

Feels Great!!

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rajsubhadas Says
Where did u get the info abt IIMB result? :lookround:

Refer to this link:
PGP 2011-13 Results | Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
This for all those people(Gen Cat.) who have been selected in the First List..Can you guys please Fill the WL Tracker for people like me who are still in the WL..It's a very anxious time for people like me who are still clinging onto fate and destiny to get into one of the prestigious B-School in the country...i am posting the Link here again..Please fill it so that we get a fair idea..thanks a lot puys/pirls

I just visited this spreadsheet for the first time. I was surprised to find all wrong data entered against my name (Shilpa) there! Someone has entered my decision to join FMS as "No" and my other calls as IIM A,C! :oops: How I wish that last part were true.
Anyway, I request Puys to be careful in entering data against their names only.
PS: Am in Delhi now and am heading to pay fees shortly