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Vivek Thakur @targetsbi2014
Q which assumption is implicit from the statement... Statement: The prices of petrol and diesel have remained unchanged only in nigeria since the past three years. Assumptions: (1)Petrol and diesel prices have changed elsewhere in the world during these three years. (2) before these three year...
hims bist @himu3107
bacteria is probably /the most common /form of life on /earth/no error......
Ajay Dhameliya @shawshank26
Passed out in 2013 from a well reputed engineering college..... Didn't take up job which was offered on campus..... Took a CAT and IIFT..... got 98.7%ile in CAT and 56 marks in IIFT ( GK 0.33 :angry: ) Didn't even apply to any college..... Didn't attend any interviews except for IIM Shillong thi...
shikha verma @shikha11

read somewhere- "Life comes in phases…. There are ups and downs, a time of darkness and despair.

But after every dark night there is bound to be sunshine…...."......and perhaps you are goin thru d dark phase of ur life.....dnt give up....sunshine is waitng for you.....

shilpi yadav @ani92
the ratio of 43.5 :25 is same as 1\. 2:1 2\. 4:1 3\. 7:5 4\. 7:10
shikha verma @shikha11

none of dese shld be d answr..coz 1.74 is d answr

Born To Win . @araju14
When a certain number is divided by 223,the remainder is 79.When the same number is divided by 179,the quotient is 315,then what will be the remainder. The avg of 7 consecutive integers is 7.Find the avg of the squares of these integers. @shawshanks @Shubh.i sirs
shikha verma @shikha11

rmainder 113 and avg of squares of integers 53

vivek singh @viveksngh55
I GOT SELECTED IN IOB HURAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY THIS Z THE MOST PRECIOUS MOMENT OF MY LIFEEEEEE :) :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :mg: :mg...
CAT     Fpm 2013

Hi all,

M presently doing mba frm du....jst wanted to knw abt d prospects of FPM..i am a fresher wid economics background frm delhi univ. in undergradutaion.

Please help someone.


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the waitlist movement is going to b interdependent to a large extnt coz many ppl have been waitlisted for both d courses.also 101 students have been waitlistd for mbe nd 60 for mfc

seniors any idea till wat its going to get clear???
can we have a poll started so dat we can track the movement of ppl joining or nt joining