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Hi All,

I hv also confirmed my seat for PDGM B'Lore today...

Hi friends,
I am a chemical engineer with 2 years of experience in oil & gas sector... i left my job in december, i gave the CEt but did not do well and will not be able to make it to any decent b-school... now i am confused whether shall i go in for my MBA or CFA.... and as i dont have any fiinance background is possible to manage both the CAT & CFA studies simultaneously.... One last thing how much value does clearing CFA level 1 help in getting a job in the finance sector

Hi Puys,

Had my test/GD/PI today..... must tell it was really well managed event...

First there will be an orientation programme
Followed by test.... 30 mins, 40 Q's.... The test was disappointed... found it a bit tough

Followed by 2 PI's

First PI lasted only 5 mins...
All general q's
1.Why MBA?
2.Tell be something about urself?
3.Family background?
4.I have 2 years exp. so a q that why leave the job n do MBA?
5.Give me only one reason why I should select you for this Programme
Then Thank thats it

First he said a change for him after so many IT guys i have one chemical eng. guy
1. This PI was fully based on my work expeience
2. What is the job...
3. Then about the project i m working on
4. Little bit of chemical fundas like distillation and some common process
5. Current stock price of the company
6. Then company hsitory
Basically it revolved round the work ex..
Then few q's on the 5 q's that we have answered in the form... make sure you dont contradict with wat you have written in the form.....
Recollect the things that you have filled in the form n be prepared to defend those points...

Then came the GD had to select from 2 topics....

1. Value based politics is the need of the hour
2. English Language as the mode of instruction in primary level

We went for topic 2...
The discussion was good...
At the end every1 has to summarize..

All in all a good experience.....

I Really Had Fantastic Experience.
Senior Students & Buddys Of Course Were Really Helpful & Eased D Tensed Atmosphere By Their Tips & Support.
I Jus Found D Apti Bit Tough But GD-PI Was Good.
Everything Was Well Organized,So Chilled Out Experience.
Good Luck & THANX All The PG's SIESCOMS Seniors Esp.Akshit & Mak For Their Support & Tips For Preparation.


What were the GD topics,
was it a case study or topic based,

n how was the PI experience can you share some questions asked

Hi puys!!!

Mat score of 98.67%ile any outside chance of getting into chetna, MET, NL Dalmia....

Hi Webster describes weeding as the process of removing weeds from one's garden... its not wedding !!!!