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[image] _IIM Bangalore_ _*Update:* _IIM Lucknow has reduced the fees by 10% for the PGP & PGP ABM. the fees will now be Rs. 10.8 lakhs from the earlier 12 lakhs. The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore has hiked its Post Graduate Program (PGP) fees by 13.3% to Rs 17 lakhs this ye...
This is an eye-opener. I got 99.93 ... So I should get benefit of my percentile. If what you are saying is true, and the panelists don't want me in, they can reduce my GDPI score drastically to offset my percentile... Although that sounds unjust. But I will keep this in mind.

I was planning on a 1 pager resume with my XAT percentile mentioned on that. I guess I will remove the XAT percentile from that...

What the panel does or how it does so is not written in any manual. There must be a weight age involved for each and every component but the relative degree is a black box. Hence, I would tell each and every one of you have an equal chance of converting the call, no matter what your percentile, grad score, school score is. Give it ur best shot and u ll come out in flying colors.

Regarding the scorecards, you should take it to all the interviews concerned, and have it ready in case it is required. It may not be to your advantage, but iff asked for, you will be certainly at a disadvantage.

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first_timer Says
to be precise, percentiles of final converts went below 92 last year.....

91.2 to be exact! :shock:

"Downloading of Admit Cards18th December 2011 onwards", reference: XAT Online 2012

Company Name : Mercer Consulting
Role : HR consultant
Specialization : HR
Location : Mumbai/Gurgaon/Bangalore
Stipend : 70k for two months
PPO Policy (if any): Strong
eshdev Says
does XLRI call 95 percentile in XAT?...

XLRI does have pretty high sectional cutoffs for both BM and HRM courses. If you manage to clear those off..going by last time's results you can get a call at 95.
hey puys
I applied to the GENERAL MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME as my second choice and came to know today that i am not eligible for it :-(
my third choice is HRM for which i am eligible...
i have already sent the acknowledgement form...:-(
will there be a problem???

no probs dude chill!!:biggrin:
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[image] As the Common Admission Test (CAT) window draws to a close, PaGaLGuY drills down the number of seats available in different categories at the top ten b-schools according to the B-school Rankings 2011. The data excludes Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore...
Shesadri Biswas @ShesadriBiswas

XLRI currently does have 240 seats, 120 for BM and 120 for HRM. Kindly make the due correction.

Yes you do..