• Aniruddh Rathore
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OA - 81.95
10 - 84
12 - 80
BE - 71
work-ex - 36 months (IT)
category - open.
Which colleges should I apply? I haven't applied to any till now.
I dont want to wait anymore for MBA ... please suggest
Thanks in advance
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I will go for CAT .... no plans on "how to study" stuff as such .... but will definitely go for it .... :cheerio:

with all guns Blazing .....

Converted !!!! But Not Joining for sure ....

Waitlist moves by another step ....

i gt the confirmation call frm i m finally selectd...n nw relieved....

my CAT Score- 90.68
venue- Kolkata
PI date- 11.3.12

can ne1 tell me, what amt out of 25k is refundable, if we don't join TAPMI finally??

15K will be refunded....they will deduct 10K from this 25K amount ....
doubtboy Says
dude i was asked the same questions . Hope we get through . I am still wondering why the fee question was put across? :wow:

The fee question was even asked to me .... !!
Are they planning a hike .... :wow:
aasthavyas Says
everyone i'v come across (apart from the ones in the extraordinary list) is in the waiting list!!!! is every applicant included in the waiting list????

Waiting list here means "result awaited" .... since the GD/PI process will continue till 7th April .... we cannot actually say what is this wait list all about.

I think by 15th March they will clear the air about those who are not selected and the rest who will hold a stronger position by then wud be called for admissions. (This is just what I think, no authentication from anyone though)
Hi frnds,,

I got my TAPMI call converted yesterday, but I am little confused now about the fees. We need to pay 25000 within a week and 273000 before 5th april, but i have other calls as well after 5th april.

So is the fees (Rs 273000) refundable in case of admission withdrawl??

Seniors plz help......

Yes the fee is refundable before a certain deadline date .... but they will debit Rs. 10000 in case of withdrawl .....
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aasthavyas Says
can anyone plz tell me abt how do u get to the login window on the site.... or is a link mailed to u whr u can check it...

Here is the link ...

I believe this is the one u are looking for .....

Here is the link ...

I believe this is the one u are looking for .....

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