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tequierocr7 Says
Panel 5.. n yu..??

panel 5... me as well .....1.30pm slot
This interview is for the course: PGDM

CAT percentile: 97.10
Interview Centre: Delhi

Educational Profile
X: 78
XII: 72
Undergrad Major - BSc (Appearing)
Any other professional certification or course undertaken:

Work profile (if applicable)
Number of years: Sector/Industry:

Anything special about you: My grdtn mrks.. !! :banghead::banghead:

Written Assessment test: (300 words in 15mints)
1. Foreign TV channels and programmes need to be monitored and controlled.
2. Civic education should be made compulsory in school.

I choose the first one.

Regarding GD
GD Topic: A case about invention, innovation and development in India.
Number of participants: 13
Duration: arnd 15mints.
Brief snapshot of discussion: It wasn't that good. One guy got stuck to just one point which wasn't even relevant. he wasn't even allowing others to speak.. He was sitting next to me.. :banghead: All in all it wasn't a healthy discussion though I pitched in 3-4 tyms.

PI Questions: I was nmbr 5 in my group but was the first one to gt interviewed.. There were 2 males in the panel (P1 & P2). Both were really nice.
They started with "introduce yourself". Askd few things regarding my hobbies.

Then looking at my profile there frst qstn was "Why so low marks in grdtn"..!!
me: bla bla bla........
Why you decided on this career..??
me: bla,,, bla,,,
All through out the intrvu I was smiling. May be bcz of that P1 said you are a happy, fun loving person. A "people's person"... !! So you want to get into HR..??
me: HR...!!! noooo..
P1: So Marketing...??.
me: actually I havent decided on that yet. and some more gyaaaaannnn.....
P2: Name 5 pharmaceutical companies..
me: Just named one.. :banghead:
P1: You love watching movies..??..
me: not actually..
P1: Heard abt UTV..? Who is the it's head..??.
me: :shock::shock: sorry sir..
P1: what abt Red Chillies...??.
me: Shahrukh.
P2: You have mentioned trusting people easily as ur weakness. What's wrong in that....??.
me: I make opinion easily n bla bla bla........
P1: Plz dont make any opinion abt us. We can even ask "hard" qstns..!! hahaha..
P2: Which coaching institute you was in..?? What all they teach you for GD/PI..??
me: Told them that these people r there jst for business n bla bla...... ( jo dil me tha sb bol diya.. "Dil ka bojh halka ho gya"..... )
P1: so yu r frm ddun.. what's the better mode to commute to Badrinath..??
me: bla bla..
P2 asked me abt my favt sbjct and 1 qstn related to that...
P1: ok Thank you..

Any other Info: People out there at SIMSR arre really lucky.. The faculty is just SUPERB...!! I really loved them.. Now I am actually wishing to get in there....

Verdict: fingrz crossed.. Don't know why but feeling positive..!!

dude even i had my interview on d same day at iift and even m frm dehradun....which panel were u in?
rokstar234 Says
Dude you will be obviously called bt i don't understand why do you want to go for WElingkar at 94 in CAT you could have got better colleges like IMT,IMI,GIM,MBE and MFC from DU.94 in welingkar will be waste i guess

Bro i dunno wat to expect ryt now.....i didnt get through DSE, got through imt g pgdm(dcp) but not joining and my iim ranchi interview was a jst keeping d options open by filling up welingkar....waiting for d FORE results and interviews of tapmi n kjs lined up

finally posted the form
cat - 94.93
grad- eco hons frm delhi univ (2nd div)
decent extracurriculars
what are my chances ???? pls reply

It's official now i just received a mail.The last date has been extended upto 25 april.All the best to everybody
yaar pehle ker dete to ruk kar form bharte kya pata 1500 bach jate

kal express courier karaya hai form....170 bucks bhi bach

finally posted the form
cat - 94.93
grad- eco hons frm delhi univ (2nd div):banghead:
decent extracurriculars
what are my chances ???? pls reply

I just bought the form online and i dont have the pre written welingkar envelope......can i post the form in a plain envelope and write the address myself.??????? Pls reply

This thread has become so long that it's hard to keep track of replies from seniors so apologies if I'm repeating queries but I need answers to them..

1. On first 2 days after results were declared I read that the people who have been allotted DCP program for IMT-G won't be considered for upgradation to other courses like FT/Finance/IB/HR within IMT-G, but now I read that they will be considered and that too before the wait listed candidates..

Which is the correct information?

2. I have been allotted DCP, which was my 6th preference. Now if at all there is some movement, then for what course I'll be considered now?

3. Also if my deat in DCP does not get filled up (which looks likely seeing the response here for that course) will I lose my 50 K?

Seniors, Please reply.. or anyone else who knows about it for that matter?

same query bro......genuine ans is important..pls pm me in case u get to know something
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Attested copies of 10, 12 and grad.
No need for the scorecards to be attested or sent.

Regarding the work ex, thing...
There is some problem.
You can courier it like that with the valid supporting documents.

And give a call to admissions office to get it updated on Monday.
Dont worry it will be fine.

can the marksheets be self attested??? pls reply
Attested copies are not required.
Just photocopies of relevant documents are enough.
Its clearly mentioned here:

Welingkar Institute Of Management.

If anyone has seen attested copies to attached anywhere please let me also know. Where and what is return exactly.

According to me and as per the above link, just photocopies are requied.

Hope this helps!!!
All d best.

in the selection process....3rd point under PAR its written