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  • Shashank Pandey
  • 22 karma

People who will go on a sabbatical will not have a say in the salary package at the the time of re-joining ---- True statement ??

Also , what obligations do we have if we go on a 'sabbatical' as opposed to a 'resignation'? I understand that different organizations will have different policies on this but I am just trying to get a hang of it.

Hi Guys , i am also in.
My contact details are

Hi Chennai Chess,

I was in the process of moving back to India , so wasnt very active on the forum.

I have made it as well.
I would be joining this course.

Mine was totally random , questions were coming out of the blue :

Entered the room : 3 members

Q : You did your grad in electronics ?
me : yes ,
Q : explain Zener doide
me : explained
Q: explain working of a simple diode in detail .
Q: How does Tube light work ?
Q: what is +/- in blood group ?
Q: what is biological name of Tiger ? where do we find white tiger naturally ?
Q: name 5 cities where Ganga flows , except Haridwar and Rishikesh.
Q: What is your aspiration in life ?
Q: which river flows in Grand canyon ? ( I was in USA)
Q: Name cities of east coast and west coast ?
Q: Satyam scam (I work for Satyam) .Why did it happen ? my views.
Q: How will you manage the MBA college fees ?
Q: What did you do during the time after grad ? (I had a gap of 5 months after my grad. )
Q : why is TT ball orange in colour these days, as opposed to white ? ( My hobby was TT )


Got an NUS S3 Asia admit...

Is there anyone joining this course ? I have my own concerns for this course... Would like to get in touch with other puys, who are selected for this program.
How is this program doing ? Placement stats for Indians etc..

Please help !!

  • Hi Shashank, did you join the course. How would you recom.... 20 May '13.
Lavesh Dixit @ldixit
Hi Shashank, did you join the course. How would you recommend to someone? How is the learning and the placements
luck2AA Says
I have written to ADCOM for IP interview but have not yet heard back ....may be will call adcom and put the case.....

Edited the post ..
Hi Shashank ,
Good luck for your interview.
Did you receive the email confirmation from IIM today ?

I got the email confirmation today. They rescsheduled my interview for Delhi.
Hi Shashank ,
Good luck for your interview.
Did you receive the email confirmation from IIM today ?

Not yet ..
Thanks .... yes I called them as well and sent them an email requesting them to reschedule.

BTW.. I am surprised that howcome my EPGP application form didn't had an option for Skype while others had it ???

Nobody had an option for skype in application form. We had to write skype explicitly in the interview location section.

I am shortlisted as well. Called adcom and got the confirmation. They said they will send out the communication to the overseas candidates today.

Dreamer80 : they said that once you receive the interview email , just reply back using the same mail that you want your interview rescheduled through skype. Hope this helps!