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pbasu Says
Any1 whoz GDPI was on 25th Feb and has converted??? plz rply.!!!!

yes i have a call from IMT G,had interview 0n 25th feb'mumbai
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when are interviews starting in mumbai??

Finally Received IMT G call for interview through XAT SCORECARD...!!! :D

16th March 2012, 08:30 AM, Xaviers Mumbai

did u receive a mail or so?? i already appeared for the one for nagpur and wil i have to give the interview again??
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when are the interviews starting?? plz post experiences!

I haven't got the mentor ship mail and neither the letter from XIMB,seniors plz help!!

Seniors same case with me.... can you please guide us.........

I am sorry to repeat i also have 98 in xat but they have called only for hyd/nagpur campus!!..plz help us!1:banghead::banghead::banghead:
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has the calls been given on the basis of XAT scores also??? i had received a mail today stating admissions for nagpur/hyderabad campus..does that mean its not for ghaziabad campus?

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can u plz chk mine...xat id 262634,name shashank in my offic eis not working

can u plz chk mine...xat id 262634,name shashank vijayvergia...

1.Name of Institute: FMS,Delhi
2. Word Limit: 150 words
3. Your SOP:
I had a very strong urge to serve the country and decided to join politics and be a part of the system that runs the country.Living with this feeling throughout my academic life has always driven me to be an innovator and a leader.

Being selected as a Sports Secretary in School gave me a chance to successfully lead the School team of athletics at zone level in C.B.S.E. tournament .In retrospection, my 4 years of engineering was a learning experience, as being a part of the organizing committee of almost all cultural and technical festivals of our college gave me a chance to discover the leader in myself .My current profession as a member of Production Planning and control team of my company has helped me in developing better management skills and to interact with various kinds of people with different working backgrounds.

This aspiration of becoming a good leader brings me to FMS,which is undoubtedly one of the best b schools of the country.

4. No. of words in your SOP: 170 words
5. Any specific problem that you are facing that you want to get addressed : After editing it it is almost of 170 words,is that ok.Please advice.
6. Count of submission:2
7. Link of the previous review