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@himanshi23 said:
wat about the level of ccap's own entrance in comparison of cat?
personally I found it bit easier.

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@himanshi23 said: hey can any one tell me wat cat scores r usually accepted by crisil... n how there own entrance is diffrent from cat? i mean the level... is it above cat or the other way round.
Hi Himanshi,

Every year different cut off is set for XAT and CAT scores. Just to give you flavor we have people with around 90-94 percentile in CAT.

Selection is not just based on your scores but much importance is given to the profile. And comparing selection procedures of CAT and CCAP with be a very naive thing to do . The selection procedure which CCAP follows is similar to any other MBA entrance.

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CCAP Batch V
@bhavinhariya said: i have a few questions regarding CCAP:
1. r they going to consider CMAT score for next batch?
2. CRISIL and NITIE still working together or have they parted away?
3. what are the working hours at CRISIL?
4. after completing this course a student gets minimum of 6 lacs, so does this includes CTC or will we b getting Rs. 50,000 at the end of every month?
Hi Bhavin,

Let me answer your queries in the same sequence

1. Only XAT and CAT scores are accepted for CCAP entrance. Apart from these two exams one can appear to CCAP entrance test which usually gets scheduled in Feb-April. No others exam scores are considered.

2. CCAP is not associated with NITIE anymore.
3. Working hours depends on the business requirements and the team. CCAPians are expected to be flexible with work timings.

4. 6 lakhs is the CTC.

I hope this answers your queries. In case you have more question, pour them in !

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@vivekanands said: Hi,I'm looking to connect with someone who's recently graduated from the CCAP programme (perhaps in 2011/12).Need some help regarding the course and the facultly.Kindly PM me to connect.Thanks in advance!
Hi Vivekanand,

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Whats the fees for NMIMS MBA/PGDM program ?

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Those who couldn't, something better is destined for you guys, so don't get depressed or sad !

Congratulations to all those who got selected !!

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jaiswalicsi Says
do we need to make c.v also???

Its better to have one with you. Also take your certificates/marksheets/experience letters etc with you. Can be helpful
Dear Seniors/Puys ,

With only few days left for preparation , please suggest newspapers,magazines,etc. to read ; also as I am from a small town please suggest those that are readily available everywhere !!!!!

Very tensed as i belong to IT sector with no finance background !!!!!

Rushi and other Puys,

As suggested by me and other CCAPians Dont take so much about GD topic as it would be general topic. It wont be focussed on finance knowledge. They don't expect you to know finance well, after all you are joining the program to know finance .

Just update yourself with current affairs. That might be useful..


thnks shashank for sharing
bro i completed my graduation last yr and i dont have much knowledge about stock markets..what should i do
and like if i am from commerce background they gonna focus majorly on finance
thnks in advance

No it totally depends on you where you want to take your interview, you can tell them about your knowledge about finance and commerce. Nothing on markets was asked to me.