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Narasimham ABR @scrat007
@indian888 They seem to be talking about the regular PGP courses. I wonder what can be concluded about 1 year courses. In a difficult economy, recruiters may try to optimize by looking out for better fit, rather than following the regular process of onboarding/ training fresh candidates. Past exp...
anshul bansal @indian888
@scrat007 everything depends on how u market ur students , as placing 120 students will be easy as compared to placinf 400 + pgp students , secondly isb will be placing 750+ students i m sure gmp can very easily place 120 students
this is called wishful thinking


i made it to iim idr
however, i am heading to XL GMP



i just received an email from iim indore that i have been selected.
however, i am heading to XL for GMP program.

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who made to iim a/b/c, congratulations
work hard and smart in the next two years

for those who did not make it, destiny may have something else for you

life is eventful with success and failure
those who can accept failure and move on can have a happy life
those who can not accept failure and go to fault finding will have a life full of misery

so be happy as buddha said suffering is an integral part of life and one needs to accept that and have a balanced life

Looks like a ding for me :(

All the best to others!!

And heartiest Congrats to all those who got in!!!! :))))

congrats to puys who made it
i got ding
i called and confirmed it from admission office
thebigshort Says
I am in!!!!1

did you get an email ?
When was it ?
thebigshort Says
I am in!!!!1

congrats buddy
thebigshort Says
They are probably sending out the rejection emails :P. Btw we do get rejection emails right?

well if they send out rejection mail, then also its good
at least we know that its a ding and move on

i am not sure though last years candidates got the rejection e mails

Puy log

i am calling the admission office however nobody is picking the phone
has anyone been able to talk to the admission office ?