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Hi GMAT Aspirants..:-))

Thanks all for the responses to my queries.

I am planning to join Princeton Review institute to prepare GMAT exam.They charge now 24800 rupees ....bit expensive....but guess joining will be good decision... Hoping for the best!!!

Keep going...


Hi Vineet,

I am newly joineed to Pagalguy and going through the posts. I see a couple of places where I need to give my email id or number. Can you please tell what is PM and how do I do that?

As the personal details on the blog. Thanks, sarma

Hi All,

First of all, I would like to THANK Pagalguy team and each group member on sharing the information to the aspirants.

I am also planning to appear for GMAT but havent yet zeroed in dates for exam. I am going through the thread to get details and it is very informative...but to my eagerness can you please provide inputs on few of the below queries...

1. Which are the best institutes in hyderabad for GMAT training? is it good to join institute or do a self-study?
2. How much time should one work towards GMAT preparation? Like per day, total duration of preparation(3mnths),etc
3. How can I know my present level of knowledge as per GMAT exam...say I want to Benchmark myself to know my current level and then proceed towards targeted level?
4. Which books intially to start with the any specific complete OG first and then take Kalpan as second,etc

I guess these are the few questiopns poping up my mind...just to mention a brief about me....I am software profession having 3+ years of experience with an average academics.

Please provide your suggestions.