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Don't know what the problem is. These files are working perfectly fine on my system but somehow they are not opening when I upload them here. Maybe a moderator or an administrator can shed some light on this issue. I've seen a couple of issues of attached files not opening in some other threads as well.

This chaos has been really killing me from the past 3 months...Currently standing on the edge wondering what should i do ?

Should i take up E & Y- Tax Analyst ( Human Capital ) or Alliance Business School

i'm a fresher, just finished bbm from christ college, bangalore
Alliance offers avg package of 4.5-6lakhs with a 2 yr fee of 10 lakhs + 2 lakhs from hostel i've already paid the hostel fees for 6 months i.e64800rs ( not sure of how much will be refunded apart from 50k ( non redeemable ) & 3,00,000 ( 75% can be redeemed back ) wish to do mba finance & companies like Irevena, Deloitte, Google, Royal bank of scotland, Union bank of india, E&Y;, Cape & Wakefield,Thomson reuters,Spandana microfinance....etc.
All these companies mentioned offered core finance profiles varying from financial analyst to consultants to Divisional manager.Spandana microfinance offered job designation of divisional manager. Thomson reuters gave financial analyst profile to students in this SIP...they are analyzing stock brokers report from worldwide and giving investment recommendations.

Also the batch size is set to increase to 600-700, even the seniors aren't sure of the exact number, however the admissions officer claims its 500, BUT the previous batch i.e 2009-11 has a batch size of 480.

So if you can suggest me what should i do i'd be more than grateful to you.

PS: I was offered E & Y letter last Wednesday & told them about this confusion & asked time till this Monday after which i did not get back with them nor picked their calls. It starts on July 5th & Alliance on July 8th.
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Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
In about a week's time, most business schools in India would have welcomed the new batch of starry-eyed students, the first-year 'freshers'. Carrying with them a lot of anxiety and much hope, they would be busy checking

I have a question...if it says not selected it means no chance in the 2nd and 3rd list either ? but if it says waitlisted you still stand a i have it right ?

450 ? lol 600 bro..not 450

WOW! HOW many cycles man...!!!!!this the 4th one ?

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Any idea about the price??

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I love playing computer games and for a longtime I have been searching for a good cricket game but to no avail. I have played Cricket 2007 but after a while I found it too predictable and easy. I hope EA sports design a cricket game with features comparable to those in FIFA(I am FIFA fanatic ). Any good cricket game my fellow gamers?

Ashes Cricket 09 is decent
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guys all you game freaks should have put this under EXTRA CURRICULARS for all the B school forms...

May be one thing where we will definitely have an edge over the interview panel

LMAO.... 3 years game ex in Warrock, CS, NFS & FIFA would be included in my Resume....FTW!!!! PRO Assault
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Well...we've all made our choices...and now even if we wanna turn ain't exactly possible as we've all paid the fees..well... at least the 1st installment...and there's a lot to lose if anyone backs out...but it all depends on how much you can afford to lose...technically..both sides there's a lot to lose whether you back out now or its a tough decision to make...

Good Luck with it.