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I had a query regarding the fees payment. Yesterday I got a mail stating the deadline for the admission fee.

The fee rules are very strict and in the terms and conditions it is mentioned that all fees paid are non-refundable despite that we don't have the complete information about the MISB campus and the faculty. To quote from the terms and conditions "MISB Bocconi will reserve the right to change the Course schedule and place of attendance whenever required due to organisational needs."

So, how do we directly transfer the money without knowing these basic details.

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1. I have sent a mail to another AdCom member stating the same.
2. I also consulted my college but they say that since this 'class' process is not followed in India, how can they produce such a letter. But they confirming the things they would get back to me soon.

I have applied to RSM for MScBA General Management Programme and got the following mail and their rejection letter (attached).

Now, the reason they have given for my rejection is that they don't understand the GPA criteria (out of 10). From Indians, what they want is whether the degree is 'first class' and not the GPA. And if I am able to provide the same they might consider me for the admission.

But, since our college doesn't provide for the same in 'first class' or 'second class' terms but only in GPA format, I am in a spot of bother.

Please help.

Hey guys, Good to see a fresh set of enthusiastic applicants on this thread.

I am a current rsm mba student - started a while back in Jan'12. I understand all the anxiety and apprehensions that we face before making a big decision like an mba abroad. So, would love to help you guys out in any way I can by trying to answer queries you might have.

But Please understand that I would not be able to answer any questions related to "placements" as the data is collected by the school only after the students graduate. Apart from that, I would be more than happy to sort out anything I can.

So, all the best to everyone and hope to see as many ppl as possible next yr here :)

P.S. - I might not be able to respond quickly everytime because of the schedule here but will try my best to get things cleared.


Hi, I took my Gmat and scored 660: Quant-47, English-35
Work Exp- 1 year 4 months till date in TCS
I plan to pursue my MBA in fall next year.
Which all GOOD colleges do I really stand a chance with? (Non-US)