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Honestly and blatantly speaking,I hate this version.Came after so many days and felt as if I logged into my FB account. :sleep:

@cogni sir

i wanna ask 2 things
1.)sir you have said you drove Apache at 180.7 km/hr
if you don't wanna answer than kindly skip this question

Apache has a digital speedometer and it doesn't display speed in decimals.
How come 180.7?:sneaky:
cognizant_81 Says
yes exactly India didnt have measuring speed techniques and that time we didnt have that much latest computer techniques like now where once can see clearly pitch length ball speed per over etc..but yes that time what we used to do we had recorded videos of good bowlers batsmen fielders and wicketkeepers so based on their videos we used to learn yes i agree that time learning process was slower as compared to now because of lack of technological instruments to correctly gauge the speed..well but using timer and other techniques that our coaches have experience how to measure the speed of bowling while practicing in nets...

Such estimates can be made only in the multiples of 5 ,if ever they have to be made.Nobody predicts how fast Croft/Garner/Holding/Marshall were,not even the best of the cricket experts. All we get to hear is they were really fast.Somehow you had such accurate technicians who could estimate your bowling speed upto two places of decimal.Truly a case of India Shining!!:biggrin::biggrin:

Questions for cogni sir :

1. You could have been India's Shane Bond.Why couldn't you make it big?

2. What will happen if you can't convert IIM-C/XLRI/LBS/Harvard?Also let us know why only these 4 colleges come under your wishlist.

3. Also post significant events of your life and your achievements in chronological order.Post that dream profile ,bring that moment of awe on PG !!!

adityacooool Says
Dude! Do you not have a comma key on your keyboard? :wow::w00t:

Apparently ,that is cogni sir's USP.
Helloooooo my dear POH lovers Good Morning everyone :cheers:

Can we start afresh? Lets get rid of those messy situations and somebody pls post a new question for today.

Let's bring back the positive back on the thread

Warning- Please don't just post any damm thing under the sun :nono: Remember this is Pursuit of Happiness. So, after the question is answered we should be feeling all happy (( not gloomy :nono: ))

Please post some niceeee question pehpalll :clap:

P.S. @mods I hope this is okay? :lookround: If not, pls redirect us

Jab Jab is POH pe paap badhte hain tab janm hota hai is jaise ek post ka

So here is the question for 13th June
Happiest day in your life ,details welcomed!!
bs0409 Says
Q) What was the first stock exchange of ASIA?

Today's question (3rd June 2012)

What do you do when your belief starts wavering?
How do you overcome it and keep going ahead ?

These lines from Frost energise me everytime I am battered and bruised...
The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.
Question for 2nd June
What is that one thing which you thought you deserved but didn't get and what have you learnt from this experience.

P.S-No Gf/Bf please

I have no regrets at all,none of them.Though I do have lessons
And the rule is very simple : Always follow your heart.If you win the glory is all yours and if you lose you won't have anybody to blame since you always did what you wanted to.:grin::grin:
1) He did his MBA from one of the most famous B-Schools of Delhi-NCR and upon completion, joined Oligvy and Mather. He later became the Creative Director for South Asia at McCann Erickson. However he's more famous as a stalwart of another profession.
Who is he/she?

2) The customer feedback form of which fast food giant is titled 'Feed Us back'?

3) Identify the lady in the attachment.
Hint: She has a rather (in)famous Scandinavian Connection

4) This Hollywood star has a distorted nose which he attributes to a scuffle at high school followed by a mishap during a football game. He first name is same as the surname of a former Man United striker, and his last name is same as the name of arguably the most famous volleyball in the world :)

1)Prasoon Joshi,the college : IMT-G
3)Faria Alam--Eriksson :biggrin::biggrin:
4)Tom Cruise hi hoga,iski nose pe bade jokes bante hain :grin:
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