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Friends, who so ever needs SC grail and RC99, PM me your mail ID, I will send the books to you. Please dont post here asking for books.

ulag Says
Has it been mentioned that you are called for interview for BM and GD and PI for PMIR? Basically wanted to know if there is GD for the BM programme also?

it is mentioned in the letter that there will only be an interview for bm and gd and pi for pmir

Hi, I just received XLRI interview letter by courier.

BM : 23 FEB 2:40 PM

Location: Mumbai

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I felt the paper was an exact replica of last year FMS as far as LR and QA are concerned, just changed values.

My scores:

RC: 55
VA: 72
QA: 90
LR/DI: 109

OA: 326
Didn't get much time to solve RC, on top of it i got 6 wrong in it.

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No, you don't need to attach a photo over that.
just send a pic along with the form.

PS: i had the same confusion, so i called up FMS and the coordinator told me just to send a pic. Hope it helps.

Hi Puys,
Please help me out by clarifying this query of mine.
I registerred online by filling out the details.
Then uploaded the 'Photograph'
Now my printout has a photograph.
Took the printout. Now I see that they want a photograph attached as well. ( I am not referrring to the additional one that needs to be enclosed ) Is the printout pic not enough? Do we need to attach a photo over that?!:-( . Please clarify. Waiting for the response :)
Once fone, I ll fill in the SOP and post the application in the enxt week or so ( 15th is the last day i suppose )
Thanks a ton!:)

need quick help.
I have uploaded my pic. and taken the printout.
I hope it is ok since the pic in not colored in the form.

Took the aimcat at 10 AM slot at Pune.
I think Alex_mahone wearing PG tee was also in the same slot.
Anyways here's my score:
OA: 87
correct: 34
Wrong: 15

Found DI comparatively easy(attempted 17) Quant was also moderate( attempted 17), VA was time consuming with questions from most of the areas. One of the RC was tough.

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score 84 OA
attempts: 48
Correct: 33


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Mr. S Says
whats the venue for tomorrow's aimcat at pune ?

It's Pune police public school, opp. rahul Cinemas, Shivajinagar...
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My last attempt at CAT.and my first attempt at writing mock scores on PG, reserving my place.


No. ________%ile_________ AIR __________Cutoffs not cleared

Previous Attempts:
CAT 07: 92 Converted MICA
CAT 08: 94.**
CAT 09: 95.15
CAT 10:

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