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Hello Seniors,
Im very glad sharing things with u here....:D

Can u plss tell me how good my profile is and my chances of getting into SITM..??

10TH - 82.33%
+2 - 88.6%
B.TECH - 72.5%
SNAP - 74(with GK- 2to3, LR - 37 , QA - 18, VA - 19)...

I know my GK score is very less.. bt I still want to know my chances of getting a GD/PI call from SITM..

May I know whether we have sectional cutoffs??
What was the last yr's overall cutoff for the selcetion..??
What would be the avg package for the placements??

well arjun i think ur profile is cool, and u have scored just well enough ... i think anyone with a cumulative score of anything above 72 can apply and hope to get shortlisted for Interview/GD....As the SNAP marks has only 25% weightage for SITM so things majorly depend on how u perform in interview, extempore, write up and GD.
sectional cutoffs: Not more than 10% in any section ie, if gk section is of 30 marks the cutoff will most likely be 3-4...
overall cutoffs: for last year was arround 60 for both the streams...
placements package: what was plcmnt pkg u can get it on sitm site.. what would be plcmt pkg, process is goin on, i cant predict now but it will be any thing above last years ... as the markets are getting better.. by the time ur batch will pass u will surely reap the benefits of the change that is going to happen in few months when 3G and wimax are launched...
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good job pavan....
i think this time the cut off gonna rise, as we heard that SNAP was easier this time...
expect 20% rise in the cutt off puys...(pessimistic figure);)
last yr it was arround 60... for both the streams...

hi nihilutra sir, mohit sir and kingshuk, lavi999, invincible dude
thaks alot for your valuable insight....
that will surely going to help alot.....
take care

have been nominated from waiting list , for system & finance.
i have hotel management as graduation.
i also have got a call from a little inferior b school in delhi which offers normal PGDM.
my apprehensions are
1. if i want to go for systems and networking related jobs after two years in SITM, will i be facing difficulties???

2. would you suggest me to join in sitm as i heard that i could go for some marketing related jobs even when i am from system and finance specialization??

3.i am interested in curriculam, but the only thing that makes me doubtful about the feasibility is my back groud.

i would be grateful if some one could provide their views.....

i heard of management game as the first round for the personality assesment in sims. can any one tell me what is it actually??