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simple funda yaar for comparisons..

just pick up the placement reports.. compare the kind of companies that come to recruit. ask the seniors in the two instis. regarding the profiles that these companies are giving.. (will be slightly tough to get this info.) then throw in some suitable weights for faculty, hostel life and all that jazz.. though at the end of the day, its the companies that come to campus which matter..


PS: obv. direct comparisons are frowned upon in this forum and rightly so.. hence communicate via PMs and mails..

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navkant Says
superb analysis Quinty....i dunno hw ppl get wiser with in 1yr of MBA!!!:)btw,d no. of seats in each specializn r fixed or variable???

Pretty much variable. You get to define the speciailization yourself. You can go for a dual, fin major , mark minor, all fin. no mark. (/IT/HR) Its up to you.. The only restriction being that there should be 6 other guys who are willing to take up the elective that you have chosen. Thats no restriction really..

The hostel isnt wi-fi.. though there are plans to make it.. Obv. there is internet connection. and yeah, u can make ur room wi-fi.. share the lan with wifi..

As regards the admit to the hostel, well the hostel has only 30 seats which are for Non-Delhiites. The admit will be strictly on merit basis.. The i/v is just a formality.

rajeshnsitian Says
cant we have a yahoo group or something where we can introduce each other et al?

well, the official Yahoo Group for the batch of 2008 would be opened soon. And only those who are sure to join FMS and have paid the fees would get the invites to the Yahoo Group.

Quinte can clarify.

Btw congratulations to all those who are through.. And for the w/l guys, last year the list cleared till #52., the year before arnd #50 and the year before arnd #35..


So far:

Selected: 41424
Not selected: 20291 37729

guys, it will take quite some time.. do check back later..



can somebody plz check for


selected.. main list

compilation in progress..

last year the w/l cleared till 52.. the year before that arnd 51 and the year before it was arnd 35.

btw, results should be put on the net by today evening.

sorry, i cant help out as i amnot there at the college rite now..

Best of luck to everyone,


needless to say, very impressive indeed..

btw, can u give me an update on where Debdutta Sanyal is heading?


Well the reason for the luke warm response as regards to posting of the experiences is concerned is that today people from Ahd. center and prolly one other center had their gd + i/vs .. so one would expect them to be in the train right now... do expect more responses to start kicking in from tomorrow.

btw, dont worry.. the i/vs are not stress i/vs.. and usually the GD topics are pretty much general. have really not heard of a techie GD topic...


best of luck to the junta


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