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Hey guys,

If given a choice which phase of your live you would like to re-live?

Take this online poll: to post your answer.

At this point School Life seems like a number choice. But besides that, what are the real reasons you would want to re-live that phase, try giving only one reason ..

Shalin Jain

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I joined pagal guy only to find a tennis partner in Pune. I couldn't find one but I am glad to see this thread about tennis.

Keep it going! If anyone is coming to chennai you are welcome to play on the courts I play. I would always be on a look out for courts to play in b'lore (I visit often). I don't play to well but i love the sport.

I am very keen on taking up cycling to explore places. I am planning to buy a firefox Target soon (

Any other recommedation for an all terrian bike is welcome. My budget is around 10k.

I need some biking companion in Chennai. Let me know if anyone is interested or know of any club.



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Hi Guys,

I was not shooting off late until when I got a call to click a kid in the neighbourhood. I packed my gear and headed and here are the results.

The only difficult part of the shoot was the kid, his folks couldn't even get him laugh or smile, but hez cute. Please have look at some snaps that i have uploaded and provide me your feedack.

I think i should pursue my hobbies rather than getting into a business school

Shalin Jain

It's effortless driving to own activa. And for the choices you have mentioned, activa is by far the best of the bikes. My dad owns a activa which is more than 3 years old i think, it's not given us one problem. My colleague own a Kinetic. He just spent 3k on it last week.

Activa is sure expensive but it's true value for money. My aparment (32 flats) has over 25 activa's

Shalin Jain

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I am back on this forum after months. I wasn't writing CAT then nor I am gonna write it in the near future.

Does any one here know good deal about skate boarding and have it has a hobby? I wanna learn skate boarding so badly. Please advice!

thank you!

Shalin jain

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that isn't great to hear or appreciate - be ready to take questions which otherwise even meneka would ask! good luck!

Shalin Jain

I have been into web building for over 6 years now. Dreamweaver is sure a pro tool. But guess what - I am back to hands-on coding. No Software. I just use a simple editor like PHPEdit.. I write each liine of html code that my pages required. And it's indeed the much faster way and professional way to handle the task. Besides, if you cannot afford the tool, don't use it - there are enough alternates around.

Shalin Jain

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Manasee Says
Another dard bhari gazal....have missed 2 lines in between...any1 remembers?

I'm adding the missing lines as well correcting few wrongly used words:

baat nikalegii to phir duur talak jaayegii
log bevajah udaasii kaa sabab puuchheinge
ye bhii puuchhenge ki tum itanii pareshaaN kyuuN ho

UngaliyaaN uThengii sukhe huye baaloun kii taraf
ik nazar dekhenge guzare huye saaloun kii taraf
chuDiyoun par bhii kaii tanz kiye jaayeinge
kaaNpate haathoun pe bhii fikre kase jaayenge

log zaalim hain har ik baat kaa taanaa denge
baatoun baatoun mein meraa zikr bhii le aayenge
unakii baatoun kaa zaraa saa bhii asar mat lenaa
varnaa chehare ke taasur se samajh jaayenge

chaahe kuchh bhii ho savaalaat na karanaa unase
mere baare mein koii baat na karanaa unase

baat nikalegii to phir duur talak jaayegii

Shalin Jain
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here is one of my fav Nazm:

tere khushbuu mein base Khat main jalaataa kaise
pyaar mein Duube huye Khat main jalaataa kaise
tere Khat aaj main gangaa me.n bahaa aayaa huu.N
aag bahate hue paanii mein lagaa aayaa huu.N

jin ko duniyaa kii nigaahon se chhupaaye rakhaa
jin ko ik umr kaleje se lagaaye rakhaa
diin jin ko, jinhe.n iimaan banaaye rakhaa

tune duniyaa kii nigaaho.n se jo bachkar likhe
saalahaa-saal mere naam baraabar likhe
kabhii din me.n to kabhii raat me.n uThakar likhe

pyaar mein Duube huye Khat mai.n jalaata kaise
tere haathon ke likhe Khat main jalaata kaise
tere Khat aaj main gangaa mein bahaa aayaa huu.N
aag bahate huye paannii mein lagaa aayaa huu.N


Shalin Jain

PS: my another fav is "Ab main raashan kii kataaroun mein nazar aataa houn" written by Khaleel Dhantejvi ... plenty more ofcourse!!

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