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By all probability it was 20 20 20 pattern

But level of difficulty ---- DATS D QUESTION TO WATCH

Level of difficulty was same as CAT2006. So u can guess how was the paper by seeing CAT2006 paper. Although math was a little more tougher and Verbal a little more easy comparatively. DI was same level of difficulty.

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baghelaman Says
hey........ cab u tell me snth abvout todays cat paper......

Total number of questions:60
Per section 20 question each.

And time:2;15 hrs

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Harsh Maskara @the_mask
The right to education bill is on the verge of being passed but teachers are still getting a raw deal. Faculty at central government institutes were supposed to get a large hike in salary after the sixth pay commission c

Its a wise decision to raise the salary of IIM professors as it is they who produce future leaders of the country and its neccessary to keep them happy.

ankitadreams Says
M not in as well....shakti_1982 plz post ur result...+ others as well who were expecting to convert

Hi all,Got through mq.Sorry for the delayed reply.Thanks
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hey puys dont loose hope just yet i m sure dr wud be some movement....though the wait could b killing...n yeah mq ppl as also mentioned by anchal_gautam its very frustating cos i guess the things wich has been posted here by our really helpful puys who visit n get updates frm NM, most of us waiting souls shd hav got thru by now but it really seems some monster has taken up 15-20 seats.......v all here do not mind not converting had seats been offered to guys with better ranks but its not the case n it appears that they are being sold away........hope things turn out well

PS: wont b joining NM myslf now but wud try to help out ppl here in terms of in case filling a RTI complaint if it helps then wud file it if it destroys odrs chances then will do against it...whtever u guys decide m ready for it

Guys...if there is any time to file an RTI..its now.
Filing it late will not give us our admissions...
We need to act now..Since they have to reply within 30 days, we still stand some chance for who all are game?
Can we please find out info on how we need to go abt it? DOes any one know?

u were planning to visit nm na..were u able to do that??
As far as RTI is concerned its not a very big deal..can be done in 1-2 days time at the max and doesnt even cost much.i will provide more info by tomorrow at the max. and im more than willing to be a part of such a noble cause BUT my only fear is that nowhere on their site they have mentioned that MQ seats will be given away as per merit number.

Venting out frustration will not do any gud.Instead we have to wait and if not given any calls its all on them.We can file RTI I am with u all(but we cant do anthing for mq seats).
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can anyone help me with the solutions of following questions:


if x=2^55,y=17^14 and z=31^11, then which of the following is the correct ascending order of the values x,y,z

answer is zxy

2) if a^x=b^y=c^z where a>1,b>1,c>1 then the value of (abc)^(xyz/(xy+yz+zx)) is
a)a^x + b^x + c^z
c)(a^(1/x) + b^(1/y) + c^(1/z))/3
d) abc
e) a^x

answer is a^x

3)if A=8^88^8, B=8^8^88, C=8^888 and D=8^8^8^8
what is the ascending order

ans is CABD

x=2^55,y=17^14 and z=31^11
y=17^14 =(16+1)^14>16^14=2^56>x
z=31^11=(32-1)^11z1/x=loga ; logb=1/y and logc=1/z

(abc)^(xyz/(xy+yz+zx)) =(abc)^1/(1/x+1/y+1/z)=(abc)^logk/logabc=k
So answers are a^x=b^y=c^z=k

Sol3:A=8^88^8, B=8^8^88, C=8^888 and D=8^8^8^8
888=8x111=>C is the least
88^8ACABD is ans.
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hey guys..
i m new to this thread...
i hav done my engg. frm cs n now plannin to do mba frm distance learnin...
kindly suggest frm whr to do it..??
i hav two options NMIMS and SDLC.
i hav bought form of SDLC..
as i m frm cs field i m in doubt in whch field to go..IT or HR..??
SdLC offfers PGDIT bt nmms doesnt..
and as i m in indore thr is no center fr SDLC bt Nmims has its center fr doubt clearing here....

kindly help..

As u are from CS go for MBA in IT.It will be beneficial for u.
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I don't know if this is right section or not.

I want to join CAT coaching in Jaipur. Which one would be best here.. TIME or PT education...

Please give your suggestion.

Thanks in advance

Go for PT.I myself studied there.

And please dont create new threads and use the search option for ur query.
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Has NM announced any date for official closure of admission.

Last year 12th july was official closure of admission.
This year also might be the same.Anyways inquire about it from the nm authorities.
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