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Writing Cmat for the first time.....Need help....How to prepare ( esp for the questions that don't come in cat)

First AIMXAT of the season..

QA/DI - 30.50 (R17 W03)
VA/LR - 41 (R18 W07)
AR/DM - 16.25 (R6 W04) :splat:
Overall - 87.75

Marked a couple options wrongly in the answer sheet :nono: (Why the hell was I using a pen to mark the answers?)

Paper was much similar to XAT 2011.

I missed the aimxat...but i have given xat 2011....& my score was 99.xx....The way people have scored, I dnt think it would be even comparable to xat 2011 !!
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kunal1991goyal Says
Heyy....was there some kind of condition in 14th nov 3:15 pm we have to do all questions of a RC or a DI set otherwise they would not be considered?????

There is nothing like that.....pls do not speculate....Just relax.....
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Bluebull Says
Dude,how did you find QA overall?

As I said it was moderate.....a notch above cat 2010
Time management is the key....that clock ticks too fast.....whereas in 2nd sec I had a lot of time (due to easy LR's)
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raghunandan14 Says
hey, hav all the topics been coverd in quant ??.. or any particular section been over emphasised ???

Most of the topics were covered in my paper....even the insignificant one's.....So cover all the topics...Basics :biggrin:
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CAT Centre, Date and Slot: Meritrac, Bangalore 3:15 pm

1) How many attempts you have made and also mention the accuracy level.

Sec-1: 22-23
Sec-2: 28

2) Your last mock score?
It fluctuated b/w 92 to 99+

3) How was your experience of the test?
It was pretty smooth

4) What was the surprise element for you?
nothing....this was my 3rd attempt....

5) Any tips to handle the computer based exam better?

6) Your overall analysis of the exam: Toughness, new topics, sections etc.
QA-it was a moderate paper covering most of the cover even the insignificant ones...Time management is the key...I screwed up big time....shd have attempted more :-(

DI-Easy...Just read them carefully.....But they acted as speed breaker....(I wish I had stuck with my plan of finishing the DI first)

LR-was pretty easy...(4,3....)

VA-RC were doable....few of the PJ's had very close options....2 FIB,1correct usage,PC were there....I think, I did well to recover from the shock of sec 1

Overall I am little disappointed with my performance...might end up with a lower %ile than last time (Cat 2010 -99.64) :-(

7) Any other details or something you would like to share -

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Ravi Handa @ravihanda
_*Editors note:* This article contains a lot of mathematical equations, which due to the limitations of HTML have been depicted as images. If you are able to view the equations, all is well. If not, please make sure your

Quant questions require the concepts we all have learnt in our school days.....nothing in engg.....its just that most of the people good at maths during school days end up doing engg....

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My Best Ever Mock

QA/DI -99.61 (S-44)
VA/LR -99.58 (S-61)

OA- 99.94 (S-105)


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catmaniac11 Says
cool man....hw u did this..plz give some tips

There are more accomplished people on should be asking them 4 tips
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