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Hi, senapati. congratulations for getting into stanford... i am also preparing for GMAT, i would like to receive your suggestions and guidelines to get good score in GMAT. and information about good business schools and there admission procedure. what is the procedure for stanford? what is ur view about ISB Hyderabad? regards shridhar shukla, Senior Software Engineer. Bangalore. my personal mail id is . give me some idea as: from where u did training. what boooks u studied . how u did preparation . how long it takes for preparation . how defficult is to achieve more than 750. what is minimum GMAT score for stanford. what is the criteria about TOFEL score?

Hi All,
I am Indian, got an admit from Stanford GSB 2006.
YAHOO. Really happy.
Got some little scholarship.
Beauty of Stanford is that if I decide to move out of US for first job most of the loans will be forgiven. So if there is some problems with H1 no problems, very little loans.
Profile: IIT Kanpur Mech Engineer GMAT: 790 work exp: 3.5 will be 4 by the next July
Sector: Working in oil sector. Lots of international experience in unsual places (Siberia, West Africa, now in Mozambique(Africa)).
Anyone having tips contact me my posting in the forum

PS: Anyone heading for California share info, coz never been there
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