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givin in mid march.

havent started anything yet. will see how to prep up. do guide.

Hey sda,

no need to go in for all the books. Kaplan and OG should do. And ofcourse u have the NET. u can find hella lotta info out on the net. so keep scanning. if u want a lotta practice then manhatan gmat and princeton books should be good. No need to get other matls.

U can start off with kaplan. get the kaplan verbal workout. its a good book for building basics. then u can go to the kaplan premier edition. then onto OG. (official guide). Its the bible for gmat.

BTW, when are u plannin to take up the gmat???

guys, me in for prep. Wondering where to start from? Is it necessary to buy all the books mentioned?

JUST WONDERING , why such tricky method to solve a simple question. Even I got confused for TIME-WORK Qs.

This is how I do it........

(I) Given:
People= 20
Days = 30
(say, 20 people work for x days out of total 35 days)
People= 20 ,
Days = x
(as given, 5 people leave after x days.Hence 15 people working for 35-x days)
People= 15
Days= 35-x

Now, People*Days is gonna remain same in (I) and (II).
20*30 = 20*x + 15*(35-x)

x=15 days.



Hey Amit,
Now me in a complete mess. See QA was a problem. But after lot of practice I have improved. U gimme a question n I'll definitely end up solving. Well the issue is that the same doesnt happen in test. every mock I give, I have no courage to attempt QA questions unless they are sitters.
I mean I go home n open the paper. solve it...n here I have many questions easily comin to me....par in test I m not able to get the idea to crack ne tricky one.

Can u help (i think its more psychological)?


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Oh my god......
The VA on which I spent arnd an hour....disaster. The answers are just not matching...dunno why?

OK QA is a prob again. after lot of practice was not able to give it in test. Must say it wasnt that tough...
DI...those two markers was something.

OK so I didnt have guts to chk my score.

But u know what amazes me...I know a person who has never scored more than 30 in any paper till date....she is getting 70 in this paper. N for her the paper was a cakewalk...

Mebbe I m not studying properly.
n also I think all those high scorers have still not responded on this thread. Coz I m sure that people who are studying systematically...... for them it was a simple one.

Neway back to prep....

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While filling the online application form I am not able to select "Computer Application" as Discipline in my Master's qualification. On selecting the same as discipline, the page refreshes and takes "Computer Science" by default.

Plz clarify this.

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BTW I fail to understand how the answer from aarav is 40 miles. He has taken Z starting from point C towards A. Aisa to kuch mention nahi hain question me. Please clarify.

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Can u please explain me how in the figure you have calculated ON = 100 - 2d.
MO is given to be 20 ( i think u have taken MN to be 20)

And hw can the point N be before O . Speed of car X is more than that of Y. So N should be after O.

AB=d, BM=20, MO=20, ON= ?? , NC=d


And that N is after O only. Just misplaced in pic.
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agreed with tha guy who mentioned N cmes after O. In fact my calculations are all based on it. Just that I misplaced it on image.

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say speed of X is x miles/hr
speed of Y is y
speed of Z is z miles/hr

Say AB=d miles.

then time to reach M by X and Y is same. distance covered by x is d+20; by Y is 20.
Hence, x/y= (d+20)/20 ...........(1)

to reach N, distance travelled by Y is 20 and Z travels d+40. hence
z/y= (d+40)/20................(2)

to reach O, Z travels 140-d and X travels 120-2d.
z/x = (140-d)/(120-2d)..............(3)

solving (1), (2) and (3) we get:

(d+40)/(d+20) = (140-d)/(120-2d)
d=20 miles.

AB=20 miles

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