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Don't "Sir' me please 
Jon Snow @shayantu.roy
There are 2029 villagers,and atleast x villagers have the same initials as their first name and surname..what is the least value of x
blue gem @sanjay2527
A snail is at the corner of a room of dimensions 7m x 8m x 8m. What is the minimum distance it has to walk to reach the diagonally opposite corner of the room?
Jon Snow @shayantu.roy
two 4 digit palindromes x and y are added to form another 5 digit palindrome...How many 5 digit palindromes are possible
Sir hoga tera baap @scrabbler

Enumeration questions are always dangerous. Last mein time bacha to I would definitely attempt, but not in the beginning. Pluck the low-hanging fruit first! @Nipun008 

Tick Tok @pheonix2013
Straight reject from A and straight convert from C ... Joka it is... BTW any pointers on fms vs IIM Calcutta... Esp for higher work exp in core sector @scrabbler
Pure Gold @ishik
IIM C converted :smiley: the only one call among the holy Trinity. I repeat uske ghar der hai andher nahi :smiley: JOKA Called!!
A Nobody @aksaur
Finally writing the post I dreamed for last 7 years.... Converted both IIM A and C... a little too late though! Not super excited as rest all of you (blame one year of MBA or the 5 attempts), but regardless I join one of these two colleges or not, somewhere inside there is subtle contentment of ...
Ravi Gangwani @Ravi534221
So here is very BIG NEWS : BlackMamba is going to, oldest IIM of country, IIM-Calcutta @BlackMamba11 ........... I wish very hearty congratulations from the thickness of my heart... And as I always say Nakku "Best of luck Nikki" for next journey
Junked 2013 @Wrecktheexams
(A Pioneer journalist,Nellie Bly's exploits included) circling the globe faster than jules verne's fictional Phileas Fogg. the words inside brackets need to be replaced. Please explain your answers
Sir hoga tera baap @scrabbler

No, it is fine. Consider for example this sentence:

The novels of Amish, an alumnus of IIM Calcutta, are extremely popular.

It is clear that the "alumnus of..." part applies to Amish and not to the novels, is it not? Clarity ka jab tak issue nahin hai it is fine!

Shashwat Gangwar @shashwatdgr8
*IIM C: * *Congratulations!* You have been selected for admission to the PGP-PGDM, 2015-17 Batch of IIM Calcutta. A nice icing on the cake :cake: :blush: Lets move the WL, shall we? :wink:
Sir hoga tera baap @scrabbler

Not much. The majority is always sane. And after all there's just a one-letter difference between sane and safe. @kingsly_333