• Sudhir Seggari
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LUCKNOW kicked me !
KOZHIKODE ditched me !
ALL NEW IIMs felt I am no good for them !


I had got 7 IIM calls...This is my only convert !!

Yippe ! One of the Best Day of my Life !

Congrats to all final call-getters !
Looking forward to Planet-I !

exact same man!.. out of 6 I converted only this one
bhook nahi lagti..
neend nahi aati.
dil ki dhadkhane tej ho jati hain.. (Jb Jab site down hota hai)
jubaan kapne lagti hai.. :lookround::lookround:
aankhon ke samne bas ek hi cheej rahti hai..(sorry,.. do cheez. Pagalguy aur IIM L :drinking:ki website)
lucknow walo ne hame pyar hone wali saari feeling feel karwa diya..:drinking::drinking:
i m luving it..

Iska effect tho breakup se bi kharab he
lseguy Says
Tomorrow is 'Good Friday'. I do not think admissions office will be open tomorrow. I guess we will have to wait till Monday. :P

Aisa mat bolo bhai.. 4 days is little too much.. ek baar result aajayega tho kuch na kuch karenge..

ppl,my chances of converting is so low tht..if I convert I'll give party every one in this thread.. thoda jyada loan leta hu

My interview was terrible to say the least.. and I think only in L interviews many people felt the same... Is it sth they normally do..? But in my panel I was the only one who screwed up... Do you guys knw any one who converted after very very bad interview ?? B interview felt very good.. But dinged..

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KartheekThumaty Says
its official news.. PGP 2011-13 GDPI 'FINAL Results' on April 18th...

ya.. I just checked now..great news.. 10 more days..
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junaar Says
My friend did....The admissions office guy told him that the results would not be out before the 15th....He was not very forthcoming about the exact date...Anyway all the best puys....Just gotta wait now...:cheerio:

When I called 'em last week,one lady answered the phone and said results should come mid April.. I asked her can we expect by April,15th..she said Yes.
But when i called 'em today,one guy answered and said anytime after 15th..
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spectramind07 Says
PSYCHEDELIC FOR LIFE!!!!!One can never have enough of PINK FLOYD,THE DOORS,PORCUPINE TREE and many many more!!!!:cheerio:

Love to see so many guys interested in these kind of music

Light My Fire-- the doors is crazy and awesome--
You dont like it very much when you listen it for the first time.. I postponed listening to this song many times.. But listen few times with patience.. and Once it gets to your head..You'll have fun
C'mon Baby Light my Fire..
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i didn't know that there are people interested in such stuff in PG as well. HAts off to u all.

music 2 me is the best catalyst as well as the best antidote for every human emotion, like currently m screwed pretty bad:banghead: by CAT XAT nd SNAP nd IIFT nd FMS nd JMET nd i don know why but suddenly m into heavy metal nd its kind of a LIBERATING experience as i collect myself.

The Warning - Nine inch Nails is pure awesomeness

Dude,Heavy metal does wonders for stress relief.. It makes you feel happy and wonderfull
ACDC,LedZeppelin and some songs of Metallica.. Too much fun
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Guys, too good...Music is our part of life..It is true that our body cannot live without the music of our heart..Keep going guys...I am a die - hard fan of TRANCE music..Anyone who listen to the trance by Armin Van Burren..


yeah Trance..
listen to DJ Tiesto also
all true lovers of intelligent nad MIND BENDING This ASAP.this movie has take movie making to a whole new level...explores a very seductive and unexplored facet of cinema and its power
have to alter the list now(in no alphabetical order)
1-RAGING BULL(martin scorsese)
2-MULHOLLAND DR(david lynch)
3-NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN(joel and ethan coen)
honorable mentions:eternal sunshine of the spotless mind,goodfellas,american beauty,the shawshank redemption,black friday

Dude,do you have any download link for good fellas..??