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All the very best to all the chennai puys for tomorrow!!!!
Hope to see all u guys in the IIMs!!!

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if ur cancelling ur admission, i guess it wud be wise for u to cancel it before 30th may. If mite be benificial for students in waiting list and u mite actually lose less money...!!

Thanks Pritivi...
My chances seem brighter now

hey mahasagar ... dont worry...
SIBM Pune seat will easily get filled up...
Even I am on a border line and i wud be glad to take the seat..
i have been told that by30th may i wud know if i get a seat or not...!!

Can we expect a further movement in waiting list??
I have a 96.21....

Is Ravi on a sabbatical or something??I dont see him here these days:shocked::shocked:
I am game for the meet this weekend..Its been a long time since i attended one..!!!!

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This time its my turn to be the Harbinger...



Congrats Soham..:hurray:

But.... did u realise that announcing Soham's converts actually amounts to SPAMMING..
He has converted all his calls... Now his final convert is runnin into pages..:sly:

am game for booze meet this weekend...
cmmon ravi.. u need to take charge for this as well..!!!!!!!
Also, Arun needs to be there.. otherwise it will be pretty boring


Can the seniors confirm tat there isnt going to be any chance
in the class composition after the recent rule by SC??
I seriously hope that no GC students already selected be shown the door!!!!

Dint make it :unhappy::unhappy:
nyways it was much along the expected lines!!!!