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Hi guys,

The yahoo group seems to be a cool initiative. I too am a part of the 2006 GMAT bandwagon and have my test on the 10th of April. Just abt getting my feet wet as far as the GMAT prep is concerned but hope to drown in the study material soon !!

I was wondering if anyone has a soft copy for the Manhattan SC guide or any other SC material which they think is good enough. Please be kind enough to share it with the group....

Hope to hear more frequently from you guys !! Hey Pronto I shall soon be sending you a request mail to be a part of the yahoo group.
Enjoy & keep up the good work !!

We all know wat's happening to the US in iraq n afghanistan. They're losing soldiers daily, their little goodwill in the Arab world has eroded. Iraq never had terrorism, but its bcum a terror centre bcoz the US attacked it. Pak is a terror centre, u wanna increase it by attacking it, give the terrorists a reason & excuse 2 increase anti India stuff???

We all know wat's happening with The US. They're pumping millions of dollars in Iraq 4 rehabilitation, reconstruction, security but to wat effect?? They're spending millions in Afghanistan 4 the same. The situation there's calmer, but the threat frm Taliban is still not gone. They r regrouping in Kandahar, Jalalabad, etc. They're assassinating Provincial governors, kidnapping engineers and soldiers. The wars have proved costly to the US and now the US has to remain stuck in bothe the places until things turn normal, or else the situation might go out of control and the common target of terrorists in both the places will b US. US has become a dhobi ka kutta, they're losing billions but have no way to improve the situation or withdraw frm there.

Guttsm, you make a valid point but there is a difference between striking terrorist camps in POK and capturing that land. US had finished their tasks by wiping out terrorist camps in those countries, they stuck around to reap their economic benefits. In Afghanistan they wanted construction contracts to be given to US companies, they want a goverment to be setup in the country so that that govt can in turn favour US companies. In Iraq they are still in that country to tap the Iraqi oil reserves.

We have no such aspirations with POK, even if we win back POK except for a so-called tourism potential I dont see any advantage in that region. As a Indian what I would like to see is the terrorists and merceneries in POK getting a fitting reply for their deeds in India. Your reply makes me think we are soo intimidated by these terrorists that we just dont want to retaliate, cause if we retaliate they will soon start attacking other Indian cities :huh: Arnt they doing that already ??? How else do we define "Spineless" ??? I aint making a personal attack at you but this is the attitude that seems to have filtered down to the masses. This is what we need to get rid off. I have cited the Israel example in the past and shall do it even now. Everytime a Israeli gets killed you hear of a retaliation. How long do you want to be sitting targets for these militants. Just as you fear them they too should fear us, and this fear wont come unless we retaliate.

Lomi, so are you suggesting that nothing can be done to get out of this mess ??? We all know America just seeks economic benefit and as long as it gets a economic benefit from India they might turn a blind eye towards stuff we do. They had levied sanctions on us after the nuclear tests in 98, how did that make any difference to us. Arnt we the second largest growing market in the world after China ?? They need us just as much as we need them so no one is doing a favour on anyone here and please get rid of this defeatist attitude that we cant do anything. Not trying to start a revelution here but we got to get rid of this escapist attitude and stop blaming circumstances always. This is all that we seem to do, just blame others for our miseries. And that is why I had said in my initial post that we need leaders with enough guts who can make such decisions, not spineless politicians that just sit and blame the whole world for the mess but dont do anything themeselves to get out of it.
For once I might agree with all you preachers of non-violence but I have only one question to ask. We have been practicing non-violence for the past so many years but don't we still have bomb blasts in our cities, don't we still have attacks in our parliaments and temples. Don't our jawaans still die every second day on the border. So what is it that we are achieving through this gandhian philosophy of turning the other cheek.
We all detest America for their policy but we got to admit that after 9/11 no one has dared to have a terrorist attack in their country. Had they not retaliated they way the did in Afghanistan, events like 9/11 would have been the order of the day. It has been almost 4 yrs since 9/11 and we haven't heard of any incident in US. So if by being more aggressive and stern if India can manage even a year without such terror strikes I think it would be a success. I know all you folks are going to pounce on me with the Iraq war and state how US soldiers are dying there. I agree US are having a bad time in Iraq and I believe they deserve it, but we all know that war was more for oil than the elimination of terrorism. But the point still remains is that the Iraqi militia is retaliating and arnt giving up their country into US hands without a fight. If the Iraqi's would also have practiced this so called non-violence, they would have lost their own country to US.
All I am trying to say is yr humanitarian views about food for the hungry and all the other stuff might sound good in yr GD/PI but the bottom line is the world is not as good a place as you guys think it is. If the European countries would have tried yr ppl 2 ppl contact during the second world war, half of the world would have been speaking German today. You have to fight to protect yr country and you have to retaliate, we cant afford to be sitting ducks for the rest of the world anymore.
Usual Suspects is a great movie. Kevin Spacey simply rocks !!
Good Post Dude !!
But as long we have spineless politicians at the helm we shall never be able to resolve this issue. We should do to Pakistan what Israel does to Palestine. US keeps asking Israel to practice restrain, but Israel does what is best for their national security, they dont give any heed to US or UN warnings. In the current scenario India is too important to the US and they wouldnt want to screw up their relations with India over the Kashmir issue. If India continues the economic growth for the next 2 decades, we might just see a end to this conflict in the next 10-15 yrs. Provided we have the right kind of leaders.

Balaji I get your point, The only reason I consider him an Indian is because of his origin ! Well if you think he doesnt make the distinction of being an Indian then that makes the list shorter by one more person :-(

And when you use the term NRI, I hope you know what it means, it stands for Non resident INDIAN !!!

Hi Guys,

I am currently based in US and I was having a conversation with few of my colleagues at work a few days ago. There is a show screened on Discovery channel here which is called " The Greatest American" while we were watching the show a friend of mine asked me, who I thought was the " The Greatest Indian".

While I thought of the names of a few recent achievers most of their fame is limited to the Indian sub-continent. I find it hard to belive that out of a population of 1 billion we have very few achievers who have made a big mark for themselves at the international level and are globally known.

When you ask a Anerican or a European about a great Indian, the only name you hear most unanimously is Mahatma Gandhi. I am not a Gandhian and I find it really hard to believe that he is the " Greatest Indian" !! I agree that Americans are really ignorant about the rest of the world and you could blame their media or education system for that, but even then there are always some personalities who dont need these mediums to be know. Dont we have just one ???

The Greatest Indian who I could think of in the current scenario was Lakshmi Mittal. I know this is not a unanious opinion, but that is why I need your help.

I thought some PG's could come to my rescue and come up with some Indians who have a trully global presence.


P.S: I am not trying to make any point against we Indians, I know we are a very capable lot and have loads of achievers, I just want to know who do you think is the greatest indian and please make sure to give a reason for yr opinion..

Hi Guys,

I raise the same question a few before me have raised. I understand and totally agree that cases of rape in urban india are on the rise and I feel for all those girls who have to go through that ordeal, but what are we trying to get at through this thread. We all agree that most of the criminals who commit such crimes are un-educated or anti-social elements. I doubt any of the readers of this thread would ever go around commiting such a henious crime. Sexually frustrated or not, I doubt any one of us would ever go to such an extent. So arnt we spreading awareness among the wrong audience ??

All that happens on this thread is people keep cribbing and blaming the system. The only thing this thread seems to be leading towards is " city bashing" wherein one city is better than the other. It seems to be missing the point that was initially raised.

I like everyone else totally oppose the " chalta hai attitude" but for some reason I dont see how posting threads on this site is going to stop girls from being raped.
This thread just seems to be a no-brainer. If anything it would have made a decent stand alone article


The Aussie bowlers got a real beating , especially Mike Kasprowicz and Shane Watson. Kasprowicz got hit for 89 in 8 overs and Shane Watson got hit at an run-rate of 14 in his first 3 overs.

Good to see Australia on the receiving end for a change. But they will be back to kick some English butt in the Ashes.