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@cet12aspirant said: Its better if you call the college officials directly for this purpose. In certain colleges officials introduce you to the seniors who help you out in getting a rented flat or pg in case hostel is not provided by the college.
was goin to do dat tomrw....sunday today ....
got xaviers .....can ny1 provide ny info abt hostel or accomodation....n wats the d fees for hostel...nothing given on site

got xaviers .....can ny1 provide ny info abt hostel or accomodation....n wats the d fees for hostel...nothing given on site

  • 1 Like st.xav in second round.....documents requird are on the u have any idea about acomodation dr ???

got st.xav........can nybdy help regarding dey hav hostel ???

is this the true link says i have not alloted any seats....i have applied 10 ccollges rank this possible....reply...nai heart attack pakka

6.40pm result

@lakhankhatri21 said: @sayyedmasood27 i will also suggest u the same as @Leadrich suggested......St.Xaviers.Reason bieng, the totl num of seats in chetna and MET goes to 500 every year incluiding PGDM, so its tough getting good placements between 500 my take will be St. Xaviers. and also faculty part is the cherry on the cake.
@Leadrich said: Personally, I would go for St. Xaviers..I looked up their website and noticed the faculty belonging to XLRI, GIM, etc..thats got to be the best part..apart from that..they claim and have the only revised syllabus for MMS..their average packages are growing also I believe...please do your research as well..I guess I lost out on the seat by not filling up the minority..(little less guilty as they do not promote themselves WhEn compared to others) ..All the best!!
.......thanks alot did help
@lakhankhatri21 said: @sayyedmasood27look i will share wid u my choice of colleges...will skip top 4 colleges since thy r not in approach...after it comes sies, chetna, dalmia and xaviers. after them my choice is met and ies. and rest u can think about are lala, thakur, agnel rizvi they all are nearly offense. so if u want in pune u can also think about pumba but its also very tough...
thanks buddy...but i am really confused with MET, Chetana & st.xaviers ..many contradictory reviews about my rank rank is 1249(ohu)...i can get ny of them..can u plz elobarate...dont wana miss a gud collge due to lack of info....
@lakhankhatri21 said: @sayyedmasood27 u can expect for dalmia for chances of getting sies are negligibe as the seats are only 60 and also they have minority quota....and for gap cert. u have to get it on 100rs stamp paper.ATB
thanks for the answer.....can u tell me which is the best collge aftr dalmia ....i filled met in the 1st round n got it....but cutoffs of chetana & st.xaviers are which is the best option after dalmia...i wana take marketing....