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Not sure dude.
Firstly, if I am not wrong IIT Bombay was supposed to be conducted at Bangalore and other centes across India apart from Bombay.
I have a call from IIT Madras on the 17th of March and IIT Bombay on the 16th of March. I called IIT Madras and requested them to shift my centre to Mumbai or change my GD/PI dates. They simply rejected my request saying the process for allocation of GD/PI slots have closed. I had no option now but to call IIT Bombay. At first they were very receptive and assured me that my request for change will be done (this was on 19th of this month, as soon i recieved my letter). Today when i call them, the same individual says that it is impossible to change the dates(it is on you and you need to take a call b/w IIT Madras and IIT Bombay). If this is the co-ordination that prevails b/w IIT's, then what will happen if we have a call from some other insti on the same day.
Remeber i am in bangalore and have to go to Bombay first and then dont know how to reach Chennai thereafter.
The whole process makes me feel as if i was dealing with some govt office employee who simply toyed with my request and in the end rejected it.
Poor show of professionalism-IIT BOMBAY
Disclaimer- If it hurts anyone at IIT Bombay then so be it, because i also felt the same.

I also had a similar problem last year, my SJMSOM's dates were clashing with IIMK...
I requested IIMK...they plainly refused..
I requested SJMSOM, they were "very receptive" as you say, and they did shift my slot.
It has happened to many students this year also.
If it is not done in your case, it must be some genuine reason (for details, read Shekhar's mail)
Also, we are more than willing to help you all guys...u are most probably are future juniors.
Your disappointment is pretty much understood..we dont deny that
But using harsh words like "unprofessional" doesnt gel well with us especially when students here are literally taking so much pains to see things go out smoothly.
As Shekhar said, do contact him but i would advise please refrain from posting mails when you are not exactly aware of the complete issues.
Having said that, ATB for ur IITB AND IITM interviews.
Moi got the snail mail today ...
Really man , hats off the students at SOM ....
All the effort made, to provide so many details ...

I wish all institutes followed SjMSOM's example and put most of the things in the hands of students, we do a much better job

Ahh .. and the gifts ....
Kya movies hai bhai log .. maja aa gaya ....
Life@SOM - :thumbsup: , shekhar , kya editing ki hai bhai .. :-P

Pravir Shah ka bday .. OMG .. .. maja aa gaya ....dekhke ...
Shekhar tujhe bhi kafi laath padi ... aur maja aaya ..

All the good stuff has been provided on the CD. Maps, roadways, admission brochure ...

Great going man .....
The best thing abt all this - Makes students want to come to an institute ..
Baki log to bhai bhaav kha rahen hai - aana hai to aao ...

Idhar to humko bulawa aa raha hai .. ki bhai .. u r welcome ..

Hats off to all u students at SOM ... U ROCK

Now it seems the efforts put in didnt go waste:)
u all are cordially welcome:)
:wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:
ab yeh mat bol dena ki kuch assignment lana hoga karke!!!!

Anyways guys best of luck for ur exams!!!!

hahahaha wo sab final admissions ke baad
as for this gift, have patience!!!:biggrin: :biggrin:
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shekhar is absolutely right...
just b honest..
i myself mentioned tht i love watching hardcore latest hindi movies:)
no issue with wat ur hoby is..but i would again maintain..BE HONEST!!
the interviewrs are seasoned n experienced n ll catch u if u lie..

SJMSOM has 60 seats (and not 50)

Calls were given to the top 400 students.

The last ranker to get into SJMSOM had a rank of 382.

Overall cutoff would be around 75 marks.

Sectionals were not there or were very low. I know guys who had final calls with % of 22 in quant.

Cutoffs this year - ????? My guess - Overall cutoff would be a same or a touch higher .. Sectional cutoff of English DI LR will be on the higher side as these are the scoring sections. Sectional for quant may be higher but will not be much different unless they reduce the difficulty level.


yaa agree with F&V...; quants is dicey...but cut off too low to be a problem

Also the eagerly awaited 1 month holidays are approaching fast

well many people are going for winter projects:)
some for project under our esteeemed faculty:)
n lukkha people like me going back home

So the final verdict -------- Go watch the film once( no more than dat) ..........enjoy the performances....locations. n if u find the film borin......have a good nite sleep.:

boring!! boring!! only good things were rani n amitabh...
omkara is anyday batter than this sugarcoated candyfloss..
karan...grow up..

Movie is mast, time pass !!! Acting is OK .. rather most of them overact ... except Priya Rahtogi .. who hardly acts.


didnt see that. it came on sunday??

saw the rating in Mumbai mirror on saturday and on rediff on sat morning

no...see saturday's newspaper...5th page
yua...mumbai mirror gave 1 star but mayank shankar sucks big time giving 4 stars to 15 park avenue...n 1 star to china town
i second you is a good movie

i read two reviews (after getting the tickets though). both of them gave just one star...which is according to me not correct

for me one star category movies are Chalte chalte, K3G...

hey TOI Mumbai edition gave it 3 stars...telling that it simply rocks...a perfect popkorn flick